Women Agree – Men With Too Much Muscle Mass Look "Cheesy"

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I Am About to Make a Large Group of Bodybuilders


Like it or not, having too much muscle mass will give you a cheesy look.

Seriously, when women are polled they find too much muscle mass a major turnoff.

It is hard to look “GQ” or “hip” when you have a large amount of muscle mass on

your frame. If you have so much muscle mass that you can’t fit into a normal

pair of pants, then keep reading…

Women Prefer Men With Average Amounts of Muscle Mass, but With

Exceptional Tone.

If you want a body that women find attractive then you will want to take a

close look at men that women go crazy for. Here is a short list:

1) Abercrombie Models

2) Calvin Klein Models

3) Soap Opera Stars

4) Actors (Jamie Foxx, Matthew Mcconaughey, Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt,


These men all have one thing in common. They all have an average amount of

muscle mass. They also keep their body fat levels low to show of great muscle

tone. This type of body looks great with or without clothes.

Are You Working Out To Impress Other Guys In Your


I know this sounds absurd, but I believe this is the real reason that guys

try to gain as much muscle mass as possible. Guys are competitive by nature, so

they end up competing with each other in the gym setting as well. The young guys

see the older guy with huge arms, throwing around heavy weights and soon that

becomes their role model. They go on a quest to gain as much muscle mass as

possible, without realizing that it isn’t a good look.

Don’t Get Caught Up In the “Muscle Mass” Trap and You Will Attract

More Women!

It is really easy to get sucked into the quest of gaining as much muscle

mass as possible. Huge guys get a lot of respect in the gym. You will see young

guys kissing up to the big guys in every gym in the country. In the outside

world it isn’t the same. Women in particular think that these guys look funny.

You simply can’t look cool and have a large amount of muscle mass at the same

time! When you try to wear nice or hip clothes something looks a little “off”.

Separate Yourself From the Goofy Bodybuilders.

So your goal should be to maintain an average amount of muscle mass and

burn off all that extra body fat. What you will need to do is spend much more

time on cardio and less time with the weights. It will be hard at first. You

will be pulled to the dark side of “maximum muscle mass” on a regular basis. You

must remain mentally strong. Resist those temptations and you will look better.

One more thing…where do you think most of the attractive women in gyms hang

out? Yep…the cardio section of the gym. It sounds like a win-win situation to


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