Who Is More Popular Shahrukh Khan Or Manmohan Singh?

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Shahrukh Khan is the actor number one in Hindi film. Manmohan Singh is the Prime Minister of India. Since they are from different fields, it is not proper to compare them. Sharukh Khan and Manmohan Singh are the super stars in their own fields, which are entirely different. Manmohan Singh is more known for his good deeds than Shahrukh Khan.

The Man of Action – Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan has fans all over the world, both Indians and foreigners. They have something in common; most of them are movie goers. The Macho image he imparted in many films has earned him fans from all realms. Film world is more colorful, imaginative, and full of acting. It is impossible to say where the line of acting ends and the real Khan comes out. Shahrukh Khan has not earned his popularity just by his good nature, but by the myriad characters he portrayed in a variety of films.

The Man of Mettle – Manmohan Singh

Manmohan Singh became the Prime Minister of India, when almost all Indians stood up against Sonia Gandhi becoming the Prime Minister on account of her Italian birth. But, since assuming the office, he took many decisions with the approval of the parliament and also sometimes against all oppositions. When he was sure of something, he stood his ground and thus showed his mettle, as in the case of ‘123 Agreement’.

Foolishness or Coincidence

To compare, a man, who became famous through the characters he played in films, and a man, who gained popularity through his good deeds he did for his country and his fellow men, is absurd. April 01 is fool’s day. May be it is a coincidence that such a question arose in the month of April.

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