When Will I Get A Girlfriend? 10 Tips To Get A Girlfriend FAST

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If you start ticking some of these off, you will be well on your way to finding that awesome girlfriend you dream of:

1. Go To The Gym

If you are fat, lose some weight, if you are skinny build some muscle. But before you jump in, do some research on the types of exercises and how to do them. And then over a period of months you will start to see changes in your body.

2. Eat Less Rubbish

Learn about nutrition. Understand which foods give you natural, clean energy as opposed to dirty sugar rushes and then decide upon what to eat. This ties in massively with tip number 1. When you have your exercise and nutrition regime nailed down you will notice greater levels of attraction.

3. Learn How To Talk Like A Man

Start talking like a tribal leader would have talked 10,000 years ago: with a loud booming voice and dominant tonality, this will subconsciously signal to women that you are an attractive male.

4. Build An Awesome Social Circle

Now we will start to build an awesome life to bring the girlfriend into as opposed to going out to find a girlfriend with an awesome life that you can latch onto. Make friends with people who challenge and push you, but you can also have fun with.

5. Be Passionate About Your Business/Career

It doesn’t matter if you are a high-powered CEO or a bike courier… you just need to be passionate about what you do. When you speak to someone who hates what they do it is one of the most unattractive things in the world.

6. Do Fun Things

Again, build a life she WANTS to come and be a part of. Exercise, adventure, awesome food, travel, great people…

7. Get On Tinder

Now this is a surprising one… yes, the majority of our successful clients jumped onto the number 1 dating app in the world and gained a lot of useful experience, some even met their girlfriend on the application…

8. Watch Comedy

Studies have shown that people who watch comedy actually have a happier life… let alone the positive effects that will come when you manage to internalise the comedic techniques and build them into the way you interact with people.

9. Read

Take a walk into the minds of other people, but be careful who you choose. Pick a number of people who have done things that you want to do… and read their books. Not only will this give you exciting ideas but it will make you a more rounded person and better conversationalist.

10. Stop Focussing On Getting A Girlfriend

And finally… the big one. The very fact that you are looking for a girlfriend is not a masculine trait, it is feminine. A man’s greatest drive is to be free, focus on this and allow her to do the chasing.

So there we have it, the tips from our most successful clients… You now have the answer to the question: “when will I get a girlfriend”… So go out there and get to work!

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