What Are Some of the Classic Movies of Hollywood?

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It is great to watch new movies, the special effects they include, and today’s actors that we all know about. However, sometimes it is even better to go back in time, and enjoy one of the great Hollywood classic movies. Actors like Cary Grant and Robert Redford, and actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Kathryn Hepburn, offer a level of entertainment that is unmatched.

Fans of Hollywood classic movies all have their favorite genre. Some fans are hopeless romantics, and they like movies like Casablanca or The Way We Were. Others like old-fashioned John Wayne westerns. Many love scary flicks like Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Today’s children are sure to enjoy the classic children’s movie The Wizard of Oz. Classic movies have something to offer anyone.

To enjoy Hollywood classic movies, you need to know a few things, as old movies are different from today’s movies. First of all, be patient. The action will not be as fast-paced as a newer movie. That is just the way it was back then; enjoy the break!

Some special effects may seem a little cheesy. Filmmakers did not have the same technology to work with as today’s filmmakers do. In addition, many black and white movies have had a “colorized” effect added to them. You may enjoy the classic movie better in original black and white.

Obviously, things now are very different than they were fifty years ago (or more). You may watch movies that offend you politically or personally. Racial prejudice, segregation, and even slavery are included in many Hollywood classic movies as an accepted way of life. In addition, the women’s liberation movement had not even begun. It may seem like a lot of the male characters order the female characters around. Just try to remember that was the accepted way back then, and be thankful for the progress we have made.

On the flip side, there are some really good things about classic movies. Chivalry is shown in all its glory. Bad language is kept to a minimum, or in some cases, is non-existent. Some classic movies are violent, but the violence is important to the story, and is not gratuitous. Sex scenes are extremely tame in comparison to today’s movies. So, you will be able to enjoy classic movies, in most cases, with you children, without fear of what they may see or hear.

Some people do not like classic movies right away. If you fall into this category, you might not want to give up just yet. Try several different kinds of movies, from different genres or with different actors. You might find there is a particular director whose movies you either like or dislike. Classic movies are definitely an acquired taste, and if you keep watching them, they are likely to become some of your favorites!

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