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Chinese girls are born within a culture that goes back thousands of years, so often times no matter they are born in America, Taiwan or Hong Kong, they still retain certain cultural leanings that are specific to Chinese culture.

For example, imagine giving a present to a Chinese girl you want to be attracted to you, and then she just simply puts it aside without bothering to open it. How would you feel? Would you feel she didn’t care about what you have bought her, or even that she is is showing you some disrespect?

Yes? Well, that’s the problem. In actual fact, in Chinese culture this is what a person is supposed to do when receiving a gift in Chinese culture. It’s actually considered rude to open a gift you have just received in front of someone! So you have to be careful when dating a Chinese gal.

It’s completely opposite compared to western culture, so bearing that in mind, imagine what other misunderstandings can occur between a Chinese girl and a western man.

What’s Important to a Chinese female in a Relationship

Not everyone can look like Tom Cruise or Johnny Depp (myself included), but actually that doesn’t matter where most Chinese girls are concerned; and that old chestnut about Chinese females just looking for money also isn’t quite true.

There are many more things in a man that may be possibly important to a Chinese girl, so let’s look at a few:

Having a good education. Since the Zhou dynasty, China developed the first culture whereby a man could raise his status from a common one, to a high position through education and the taking of various examinations based on Chinese classics. Still now, a scholarly and educated guy is considered very desirable by Chinese girls.

How you treat her. In general, many Chinese girls expect a guy to be more attentive in the beginning stages (and sometimes later stages), than a western girl expects from a guy. Mostly in the beginning stages they expect a guy to really pull out all the stops to show he is in it for the long haul. There are various tricks to achieve this in a much shorter time mind you.

Experience. The world over, women are attracted to an experienced man. This is even more the case with Chinese girls by my observation in the years I’ve lived in mainland China. I’ve seen guys, Chinese and western, with groups of beautiful Chinese girls surrounding then simply because they were really experienced in a particular field, career or otherwise. Women, and especially Chinese women, don’t have the same criteria for attraction that a man does.

Attracting Chinese Girls Advice

Always remember when trying to attract Chinese women that they come from a a culture markedly different from your own. Personally, I’ve never experienced a culture as different from my own as Chinese culture. There are many customs totally opposite to our own.

Make sure to learn more about Chinese culture and it’ll help you greatly and also when trying to win her, and also smoothing the to be expected ripples in the relationship.

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