Top 6 Tips in Giving Head to Your Husband

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Like good sex, a good blow job is not a simple pure-out-of-the-way-out-even if it does not, of course, compare with Rocket science, although in both cases a bit of sky stretches. It is necessary to master the technical compulsory program, but not to forget the freestyle according to his individual preferences.

Oral sex is important!

According to polls, more than a third of the men are convinced that oral sex is extremely important for the relationship (what a surprise!), about 45 percent would want a blow job more often (what a surprise!) and more than 30 percent are even safe without a To be able to live at all (what a surprise!). According to the unchallenged, the blow job responds to one of the most popular sex practices (what a surprise!) and thus almost all relationship advisors agree that he can even save an ailing relationship. -Again: what a surprise!

Here are four tips with which you are guaranteed to score

1. The Perfect preparation
Similar to a boxing match, you can also prepare for a blow job, not only to make the partner as keen as possible but above all to avoid a jaw lock on yourself. Simply run slow, gentle chewing movements, let the lower jaw hang down and move it slowly to the left and right. Then open the mouth wide, hold for five to ten seconds, loosen, relax and repeat. The facial muscles can also be trained. To do this, simply shape the lips to the Duckface, open mouth again and grin. Hold and repeat this position for about three to five seconds. In between, also like a selfie. The Duckface is once again in vogue.

2. Develop your Rhythm
Back and forward like a pneumatic hammer is not the right way. Develop a steady rhythm with hand and mouth. I don’t mean that you should start drumming your favorite melody on his best piece or using his penis like a flute. But: that you draw your hand to be able to stimulate it even more. Most men want more pressure than you can ever deliver with your mouth. The hands in combination with the mouth are therefore the best way to give him all the stimulation he craves.

3. Make noises
No, don’t shout! Groan a little. In general, a soft ‘ hmpf ‘ helps to make the throat vibrate and to stimulate the best piece. Of course, you can also keep a vibrator on your cheek. This has a similar effect but may not look so sexy.

4. Don’t bite
No teeth! Under no circumstances should the penis touch the teeth! You think it’s sweet to nibble on it? Isn’t it! A penis is not a banana! It hurts!

5. Make him wet
Try to produce as much saliva as possible and use your hands to spread it over the head and shank. Not his head! The concentration alone is his best piece! In case of doubt suck a mint-sweet, which produces spit, or if you do not belong to the lama-girls, a little lube (here there are numerous with taste). You could try to drown his penis in your mouth-he would be happier than Leonardo DiCaprio over his first Oscar…

6. Touch him
Once inside your mouth, let your hands wander, touch it on its whole body. Scratch his breast, touch his nipples, grab his butt. If he likes it, you can continue to hike with your hands and also to satisfy him with your fingers. Keywords: double stimulation. But, be sure that he likes it first. A lot of guys love backdoor games-but if not, he’ll freak out if you surprise him with it. Not with joy.

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