Three Movies Out Now That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

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You might be like a lot of people out there who have often bemoaned the dreadful state of the movies out now, and in some cases, your attitude is arguably valid. Then again, we are experiencing quite a diverse amount of unique movie making right now that it really is hard to simply say, “Everything is just bad.” In fact, it can probably be argued that the movies out now are some of the most refreshing movies that have been out in a while.

That’s a bold statement, especially when you consider some of the so-called “golden era” periods cinema has had over the course of the last century or so. A quick look at the usual “greatest of all-time” lists has entries in its top ten that were made before 1950. Still, with so many diverse movie makers behind the camera nowadays, utilizing tremendous technology, and working with powerful scripts, today’s movies are something special.

In all honesty, though, it’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to watching a movie, you want to have a good time. Movies are supposed to be entertaining. They don’t all have to be high-art cinema, and they don’t have to be contenders for “G.O.A.T” lists. You want to leave the theater absolutely pumped about a cool CGI sequence you saw or maybe you’re hyped up over a choreographed fight sequence that broke the laws of physics. Maybe you can’t stop laughing at the pound-for-pound best jokes you ever heard.

It’s important to leave a movie theater with a smile on your face, and if that’s what it is all about for you, here are three movies out now that are sure to get the job done:

Life of the Party – A career stay-at-home wife has all that she has known fall apart around her, and now she has to decide what the next part of her life will entail. How about college? It’s a hilarious ride through what can often be difficult material to cover in a movie, but then again, don’t we all get through life’s tough situations with a little humor, too?

Overboard – About 30 years after the original, the new version of this film reverses the roles a bit and tackles some more issues other than just the differences between rich and poor. A diverse cast and a willingness to tug at serious heartstrings make this revamped version a good movie.

Deadpool 2 – Our foul-mouthed hero is back for a second adventure that sees the formation of the X-Force and a mission bigger than himself. With inside jokes abounding and a tongue-in-cheek way of breaking the fourth wall without actually breaking it, this is the kind of sequel you dream of.

The movies out now are sure to be high on the entertainment value. Smiles aside, though, just remember that going to the movies is supposed to be a way to let go of the world for just a little while. Movie makers rely on the idea of suspension of disbelief. In other words, you need to let go of the idea that what you are watching is make-believe & not real. If you can do that & let yourself get swept up into a universe where what you’re seeing is very real, you just might need a crowbar to get the smile off of your face as you exit the theater.

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