Thor (2011) Summary

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This movie was created based on Marvel comics character Thor. The Stars of this film are Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Natalie Portman (Jane Foster), Anthony Hopkins (Odin), and Tom Hiddleston (Loki). The movie was filmed in California and New Mexico.

Thor, known as the god of thunder, is an imperious warrior who has a lot to learn about his duties and his future as king. Thor, Hemsworth, inadvertently starts a war with another realm. This act angers his father, the king of Asgard, Hopkins, who has no choice but to banish him to another realm, Earth. This pains his father but it must be done to keep the peace and to teach Thor the ways of leadership.

Thor is sent through the porthole, stripped of his powers and lands in New Mexico, unconscious. When he comes to he finds himself with Jane Foster, Portman, without his hammer. Everyone thinks Thor is a crazy person, except Jane. She sees something in him that no one else sees and convinces her friends to help him get his hammer back. Unfortunately they weren’t the only ones to notice the activity in the desert of New Mexico. Before long government agents swarm in and build a compound around the hammer that no one can move. Only the one who is worthy can hold the hammer. But Thor was deemed unworthy.

Meanwhile back in Asgard, the king falls ill and Loki, Thor’s brother, takes over. Unknown to the people of Asgard, Loki has all the while been conspiring with the enemy. Pleas were made to Loki to over throw the decision regarding Thor’s fate and to bring him home. However, Loki has his own plans and in order to fulfill them he needs Thor out of the way for good. He informs the warriors that if he were to bring Thor back it would start a bigger war and make the kingdom appear weak.

Four warriors decide to take matters into their own hands, and with the help of the gatekeeper they travel to Earth to find Thor. Loki sees this and sends after them a warrior to destroy Thor. Thor must get his powers back and get home to Asgard to fix the mess he started. Thor kisses Jane goodbye, not before promising to come back for her, and travels back to Asgard. Thor must save his kingdom and father from Loki, and afterwards find his way back to his love, Jane.

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