The Superman Birthday Party Game

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Superman Birthday Party Game

Reporter to Superhero

For this game you will need a cut out of Lois Lane about the size of a paper plate.

The Story

Lois Lane was reporting on a fire in a doll factory down town. The police have no idea how the fire was started and Lois Lane being the Hot Shot reporter that she is decided to go into the burnt out building to investigate. While in the building Lois discovers a business card lying on the floor. As she bends down to pick it up she is hit from behind and knocked unconscious. Jimmy the Daily Planets photographer arrives just in time to see her being bundled into a car and driven away.

Jimmy races back to the Daily Planet to tell Clark what happened.

Clark must now use his reporting skills to find out as much information about the fire as he can so he can find Lois before something bad happens to her. Once he knows where she is he must turn into Superman and fly and get her.

His only Clue so far is the business card but there were witnesses at the scene and he will need to speak to all of them and the police also found some clues.

The Clues

The Business Card: Create a business card which has been partly burned by the fire and says

Xel’s Laun,

10 Large Mach,

6 Dryers,

Bring Your Own Wash,

55 Clean Street

Witness 1

I live across the road from the doll factory. There have been some very strange comings and goings in the night. I often see a van with a picture of lot’s of clothes on the side.

Clue 1

The police found a white powder at the scene. They are not sure what it is.

You need to give each participant a handful of washing powder with this clue.

Witness 2

I think Lex Luthor owns the Doll Factory. He also owns a lot of businesses in town.

Police Information 1

There have been some similar fires in the area recently. Here is a list of businesses that have had fires in recent months. Car Warehouse Supermarket Dress Shop Toy Store Laundry Bank Sporting Goods Store Nursery Charity Shop Church

Police Information 2

An anonymous caller left a message for the police

“What was once dirty is now clean, of Lois Lane it is the last you have seen. You can spin round and round and get no where, and Lois will remain there”

How to Play

Each of your guests is Clark Kent. You need to tell them the storey and give them each a copy of the Business Card that was found in the doll factory. It is probably best if they work in groups of two or three so they can confer and have more fun.

Next your Clark Kent’s need to go out and get the other Clues. This is most fun if you have the adults at the party hold one clue each and pretend to be witnesses or police officers. The kids then have to go and ask for their clues. It can help if you write each clue out so they can compare them when they have them all.

When they have all the clues they need to decipher where Lois is and the first group to bring back Louis wins.

If you haven’t worked it out you need to hide Lois in the washing machine.

There is also a bonus prize for anyone who works out that Lex Luthor owns the Laundry. Xel’s Laundry is Lex’s Laundry spelt backward.

This game should make your Superman Birthday Party go with a bang.

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