The Rock and the Hard Place – The War Between You and You

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The Rock is you, your human mind and all its worldly programming. This is the mindset that tells you things like: this is the way it is or this is what we believe. Or this is what is expected of you. Or this is what good people do. Or this is what good mothers do. Or this is what good Christians do. You get the picture. These are the messages that we have been programmed to believe and act upon as part and parcel of being humanized on planet earth.

The Hard Place is your Soul’s desire for freedom, Truth and Joy. The Hard Place is the ever present insistence of your Godchip urging you to reach for the realization of more Good and more Love in the world through your unit via your creations, your words, your behaviors, your mind, and your relationships as a human on Earth.

Very often the Rock and the Hard Place are in diametric opposition. Human mores, customs and practices can be in diametric opposition to the Truth of Being. This is when we feel that crush within, and even more often they are around such issues as fidelity, loyalty, love, patriotism – long standing human tenants that have a sliver of Truth contained within them, but not the whole Truth. Often this reaching is called ‘selfish’ by other humans.

These moments are the opportunity for the expansion of Soul into a human life. We are breaking free from the human mind limitations in order to realize more Freedom of Soul Expression in the physical world. Often these times are characterized by deep depression, always by psychic pain as we resist the expansion. Sometimes they are referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul.

They are passages of awakening. Always the hardest ones are in connection with someone or something we hold dear and are afraid to ‘loose’. An example might be when an employee who has worked for 30 years for a company sees that some of the company’s practices are illegal or immoral and has to choose within himself whether he can remain a part of this and reach his long earned retirement or blow the whistle on the practices and risk his financial security, let alone his quiet, anonymous and safe status.

Whenever someone is confronted with addictive behavior by a loved one, the issue arises whether one is willing to remain involved in the chaos of another’s life or to cut them loose, thus choosing the self over someone else’s drama.

A retired veteran sees a war that his country is participating in and suddenly feels this military action is not correct, yet he has always defined his actions by the tenant, “My Country Right or Wrong.” Now, for some reason, he questions this and finds himself contemplating a new definitions and a deeper understanding of patriot, duty and loyalty.

The Rock and the Hard Place experience comes when we are breaking free from a human-mind belief acquired since birth, and replacing it with a higher Truth of the Soul. They are difficult passages, because they require our risking acceptance from our peers, and usually bring us face to face with the harsh standards with which we have previously judged others.

These passages are important, and if followed through to the other side, provide a new view of Life and a higher quality of life experience. We come out happier, relieved, and freer because we are truly more of Who We Really Are – Love and Joy.

We have many of these Waterloo moments all throughout our lives, and it is vastly important that we recognize them as significant, important, and critical to a better experience of this human life, because we are allowing more Spirit – Who We Really Are – to imbue our human mind.

But just as it’s painful to increase those reps at the gym, any expansion is usually painful as well. Of course it doesn’t have to be this way, but with humans we usually resist the change for myriad reasons – all of which are additional fears of human mind: we don’t want to eat crow; we don’t want to admit; we don’t want to be excluded or excommunicated; we don’t want to be judged, etc.

As a teacher once told me as she was helping me through one of my own expansions, “When you are a caterpillar you have caterpillar friends; but when you become a butterfly, you have butterfly friends. In the between time it is your solo journey of becoming more of Who You Really Are.”

Many of us are experiencing such Rock and Hard Place times right now because the world is changing and demanding of us authentic change as opposed to human-mind change. In the evolution of mankind, this is our next step in awakening as a species and as individuals.

No one can go through these times for you, but you need to know that you are never alone. Your ever present Godchip, your Soul, is calling you forward, asking you to let go of anything and everything that restricts the expression of your True Self. On the other side, however, are more Love, more Truth, more Joy, more Freedom, and a more authentic Life experience for you.

Imagine individuals all over the world undergoing these Dark Nights of the Soul.

Now imagine the better world they can and will create from that new, more Real place of being within them.

Now there’s a happy thought.

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