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What if there was a way to help get America moving and lower the rate of Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Cancer that currently afflict millions of Americans? What if you could become a part of what will be a huge community of like-minded fitness buffs dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others through exercise and health? What if you could work out with Hugh Jackman’s or Juliana Margulies’s Personal Trainers in your own home or at your gym?

For the first time ever, average, everyday people have access to America’s top Personal Trainers, the very same ones who work with the Stars, you know, the trainers celebrities like J. Lo and Brad Pitt pay thousands and thousands of dollars to, to get them looking as hot as they do. But for those of us mortals without million-dollar bank accounts, imagine the benefits of being able to create a program just for ourselves with David Hirsch or Kathy Smith encouraging us to go for one more rep, one more crunch, one more minute, all for less than a fraction of the cost of an annual gym membership. If you have ever wished you could have Lance Armstrong’s or Heidi Klum’s Personal Trainer work with you one on one, now you can!

They, along with more than 25 other of America’s top Personal Trainers, are all available in the NextFit Keychain Trainer, a nifty little USB device you plug right into your computer to create a truly customized work out based on your specific needs, goals, and situation. It is truly a revolutionary – and affordable – fitness tool that will get America moving!

What makes the NextFit Keychain Trainer different than anything else on the market are two very distinct things. The first is the access the user has to so many top Personal Trainers, from Pilates experts to strength training gurus to cardiovascular superstars. There is no other fitness package out there that offers as much Personal Training fire power as does the NextFit Keychain Trainer. For people who are serious about getting results from a dedicated program, having a personal trainer with you every step of the way, even when out of the gym, cannot be taken for granted.

Secondly, it is a fully customizable system. Unlike DVDs and tapes, this program is downloaded onto your computer where you can create workouts based on what you specifically need and want to get done and then get a choice of which trainer you want to work with. Packed with more than 150 upbeat musical tracks, encouraging personalized messages throughout the workouts, and hundreds of exercise combinations to choose from, you could work out for years with this program and never get bored. Nothing else out there comes close to what the NextFit Keychain Trainer offers.

So how does the NextFit Keychain Trainer work and why might you want one? Getting started is very simple. When you first plug the device into your computer, you are guided through a simple step-by-step registration process that includes signing up for your free 10-day trial. What is so great about this system is it truly gives you a decent amount of time to try different workouts with different trainers and really give it a thorough test run. If at any time during that 10-day trial you decide it isn’t for you, you simply cancel your membership and return the NextFit Keychain Trainer to the person who gave it to you, no harm, no foul.

Should you decide to keep it after the trial period expires, you have the option to purchase your unit and then continue to have access to the trainers and their programs for a small monthly fee. When just one of these Personal Trainers charges hundreds of dollars an hour to train celebrities, the value of having 30 of them all in one place to work specifically with you to help you reach your fitness goals for less than a dollar a dy is phenomenal. No matter where you are, you always have with you the stable of Personal Trainers ready to encourage you to reach for that next fitness goal.

When you look at the star power behind the NextFit Keychain Trainer, including Tony Robbins, Mr. Motivation himself, it is clear this is a company that is serious about getting America moving. With hit shows like “The Biggest Loser” demonstrating to the 65% of Americans who are either overweight or obese that losing weight is not only possible, but downright doable with the right program and the right people motivating them every step of the way, it is also clear to see what a massive fitness movement the NextFit Keychain Trainer will have on this country, making us healthier and fitter than we’ve been in a long time. The real question isn’t why you would want one of these wonderful devices, but instead why wouldn’t everyone with fitness goals be without the NextFit Keychain Trainer? To me, the answer is as obvious as those 6-pack abs you will be showing off at the beach next summer!

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