The Laws of Kindness

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Humans can be categorized roughly as good, bad, ugly- as the saying goes. Humans are prone to be materialistic and transactional in their approach towards life; maybe the graph is higher for those who are career oriented.

I went through different books and everybody suggested how to be successful. Nothing is wrong in it. We love appreciation and admiration from others. After all, we need a certificate of birth and death from others to prove we are alive. Success is so relative. I read about the laws of attraction.

WYSWYG- What you see is what you get- even in your imagination. For many it has worked. I have been dreaming of the Indian star Shah Rukh Khan since ages, and the laws of attraction in this case have not worked. That’s on a lighter note. Undergoing different phases of life in a very short span, I soon realized that the only thing that works is The Laws of Kindness.

The laws of kindness – as the words suggest believe in neither rewarding nor punishing an individual on the basis of their karma. (karma being an altogether different phenomenon). It is just to instill the feelings of kindness in the way you act, speak and feel not only for others, but also to yourself. And emotions are one of the key ingredients that make humans a distinct species. Be kind to those around you. Smile. Make them feel elated.

Speak kind words. Try to understand the pain that each carries and that is the result of the way they react. It’s not a different knowledge. It’s not bad to party but once in a while organize a little something for those who have a not so lavish life. You don’t have to be rich to be kind, it’s the inner richness that counts.

Once you start being kind, you realize it is not much of an effort. It is your inner self which is not layered by monetary stuff and recognition. A kind word builds a beautiful memory and harsh words kill hope. Why such a long note on kindness? Is that a question that comes to your mind? Well, we live in huge houses, get them decorated, keep buying stuff, die for promotion, plot in our jobs, party with all the pseudo friends but yet we are discontent. Then we try to find peace through holidaying, spiritual practices, meditation and yet the smile becomes hollowed. The vicious cycle of acquisitions continue. But when you are in a state of kindness, the fake you starts diluting, the real you starts emerging. And who doesn’t like clarity. A clear person is a gift to mankind.

Being kind is the closest one could be to being human. If not success, being kind gives you the joy of binging smiles and stopping tears!

Many of you are! Many of you would love to be a tad kinder than you have been. Be kind, be happy, and be joyous. Let your eyes speak volumes of kindness and happiness!

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