The Keysi Fighting Method – An Overview

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In terms of how real world street fighting goes, the Keysi Fighting Method ranks right up there with the most effective martial arts. The method originated in Spain, using Gypsy fighting techniques from the streets. The style was then created by Just Dieguez Serrano and Andy Norman.

Keysi Fighting Method or KFM encourages resourcefulness and raw instinct. The developers combined their numerous years of learned fighting experience to create a devastating, no frills explosive martial art. The resulting fighting style incorporates real world fighting techniques and instinctive survival methods that allow you to use your instincts and surroundings to defeat your opponent(s) quickly and effectively.

The idea is to react quickly and ferociously, by switching from defensive to offensive in a fluid motion. You protect, then move in close and destroy and a battery of hammer fists and elbows. It’s about survival. The effect is devastating.

The reason so many other styles fail when it comes to a real fight is because most fighters have a plan until they hit. When faced with multiple opponents, you can’t spend a lot of time with each one. With Keysi, the object is to destroy and move on. KFM feeds on your raw survival instinct.

KFM focuses on your spacial awareness and upper body strength. If you use kicks, they are low kicks.

This raw fighting style became famous in the Batman movies. Christian Bale trained in Keysi. The style is also featured by Tom Cruise in the Jack Reacher Movie. Which I feel better demonstrated the fighting style when surrounded by multiple opponents.

Although KFM is based on instinct, it is a combination of multiple fighting styles. The idea being to take from the best and throw away the rest. There are no fancy high kick, no katas, and no forms. It’s not tournament fighting. However it is a style that will allow the most ruthless of fighters to triumph and survive.

Keysi fighting techniques really shines when dealing with multiple opponents. With training, you’ll be fully equipped to engage multiple attackers from any position – standing, seated, kneeling, or even lying down.

Most attacks happen at close range. This is where Keysi is most effective. By studying how people typically fight, you’ll learn how to react and strike your attacker’s most vulnerable spots. The idea being to quickly incapacitate your attacker. While attacking, you’ll learn to simultaneously protect yourself. It becomes one fluid motion.

During a real fight, you won’t have time to remember which kick to deliver, or which joint lock you prefer. You’ll have to rely on instinct and muscle memory. No points are awarded for the most colorful display. If it’s real, all you want to do is attack and retreat safely.

Unlike other martial arts which, in some cases, resemble dance, Keysi trains you to fight under extreme duress. It trains you to be realistic.

Most of us don’t ever want to find ourselves in an unfamiliar, dangerous situation. We’ve been taught to avoid physical confrontation. Although we can control ourselves, we can’t control others.

The best defense is a good offense. The Keysi Fighting System can prepare you to be the best while preparing you for the worst.

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