The Importance Of A Professional Tiler

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A tiler is somebody who assumes complete responsibility for every detailing of flooring and tile laying. Tilers are generally used for bathrooms and kitchen. There are several commercial outlets too that depend on tiling and the same goes with the hospitality industry as well. Many professional tillers also double up as handymen to break the monotony of laying tiles.

When you hire a tiler, you also hire the skills that he brings. He will lay tiles in a flat and smooth manner, ensuring they are well aligned and in line. They will also have the right tools of the trade to do the work properly. A tiler can work with a large number of tiles, including those that are ceramic or slate.

A tiler has to go through a series of tasks to complete the job. For starters he will have to correctly estimate the number of tiles you will need to a particular surface. These tiles will then have to cut to the right size and shape. If there is any restoration work that needs to be done before the tiling work, he will do that first. He then will prepare the area by putting down some screed and adhesives where needed. Next he will lay down the tiles in a precise manner ensuring that the final product is smooth and straight. Once this is done, he will apply grout in between the tiles to hold them together.

Especially in kitchens and bathrooms, tillers have to ensure that the water flow in the space is directed towards the drains without spoiling the tiles.

Now calling in the tiler will also cost you some money and this is based on several factors. The quote you receive will be on the basis of who is supplying you your tiles and the caliber of the tiler you are hiring. The amount of site preparation is also important to the final quotation. The area of the space to be tiled is also important.

Based on this, tillers work out a cost price on a per square meter basis. Once the space has been accurately measured, you are looking at a pricing of this nature – ceramic tiles around $95 to $170 a square meter, quarry tiles start at the same and go to around $130. For wall tiling, if you are considering it, the ceramic tile laying can go up to $160.

Keep in mind that you will get a rough estimate to begin with and the final bill will have a certain percentage added on.

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