The History of Diaper Bags

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The diaper bag has truly become every parent’s life preserver for those much-needed journeys out of the house. This medium or even oversized bag helps organize all your baby’s needs, preparing the parent for any and all possible adventures, just as long as you refill it after a day at the park. In the past, the bag was often supplemented with any medium sized sacks, backpacks or a large purse, but in recent years the bag’s design has become intricate and well organized with multiple compartments and washable interiors.

In just one bag that can easily fit underneath your baby stroller or be worn fashionably on mom or dad’s shoulder, you will find a clean and comfortable place for diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, baby formula, allergy medicine, and toys. Your baby’s bag can even supply a wonderful convenience for the working parent, as many now have a suitable pouch to fit your laptop computer. Another incredible luxury of the diaper bag is the fold out changing “table.” This easy to clean changing pad will provide a soft and especially sanitary place for you to change a diaper without concern for finding a bathroom or needing your car. Mom or dad can easily wipe away germs with a baby wipe and stow away the changing table, making parent and baby very happy and ready to go.

In recent years, we’ve seen major designers like Stella McCartney (for LeSportsac), Prada, Burberry and Louis Vutton really change the look and feel of a classic baby bag. Designers have explored many textiles like denim, leather and nylon, and have chosen to make the exact reason for the bag subliminal to the average eye. Most maintain a classic color and pattern that no longer screams, “I have diapers inside!” Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Heidi Klum and Sarah Jessica Parker are carrying some of the most popular bags found on the market today. These designer bags are the Storksak designs, the Nest Whipstitch Leather bags and Mia Bossi’s bags.

Nearly every bag designer has made their impression on the kind of bag that mom’s and even dad’s are hanging on their shoulders. The design alone of your child’s bag has truly made vast advances in comfort, style and organization. Whether your desire is for a classic, brightly colored and sweetly patterned bag or a sleek, quiet, and natural looking designer bag, you’re certainly going to find exactly what you want.

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