Supplication – What Does It Mean?

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There is a term in the seduction community known as supplication. They says it is bad to do anything nice for somebody. They have defined it as paying a girl a compliment, buying her a drink, taking her to dinner, you get the idea.

The definition of supplication

To “supplicate” to someone is to display deference or servile behavior in hope of receiving something in return from that person (i.e. to act like a “supplicant”). Supplication is usually done by somebody who is in hope of increasing their chances of getting together with somebody. Ironically, supplication has the opposite effect, because it subcommunicates lower social value and insecurity, leading the woman to think that the guy is trying to kiss her ass or even manipulate her. Supplication usually involves (a) giving a woman some form of unreciprocated special treatment or (b) placing oneself in a position of lower social value relative to her in order to get to to “repay” you with something.

Common examples include:

o doing something nice for her

o passively reacting to the situation

o bribing her to give you what you want

o She is calling the shots

o Inappropriate for the situation (ie: buying her a trip to Paris w/o sleeping with her)


o doing something nice for her

o actively controlling the situation

o rewarding her for giving you what you want

o You are calling the shots

o Appropriate for the situation (ie: buying her a pool game on the first date)

I have been thinking about this a little bit. Supplication is when you do something nice for somebody at their suggestion and are wanting approval in exchange for it. In other words, you are reacting to their frame. For instance, if she asks you to buy her a drink and you do, then that is supplication.

On the other hand, doing something nice for her at your own discretion isn’t supplication, because now you are playing in your frame. She asks you to buy her a drink, and you reframe: “give me a kiss”. She kisses you. Well, now she is playing by your rules … it is perfectly OK to buy her a drink! After all, you are a man of integrity, right?

The attitude behind what you are doing is what really matters with supplication. Are you doing something as a true gift with expecting nothing in return?

Are you giving and expecting something in return for this? Looking for some sort of approval.

It’s what frame you are coming from that’s really important.

Think about Brad Pitt. Does he look for approval? Would it matter if he met a girl at a bar and within 5 minutes bought her a drink. Nope because he’s got a strong frame. Get that strong frame and then the community term supplication won’t matter.

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