Small Business Success Formula? Check Out the Ants

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How often have you heard the phrase, “The formula for success works? The only question is whether or not you will follow the formula.” Many of us have heard it quite often. Yet, what is the formula for success?

Obviously, success has many components but one of the simplest components to small business growth is your philosophy. What is your philosophy? Quite simply, your philosophy is how you think.

Think about this. Everything you say, think or do starts with that five inches between your ears. Yes, how you think is the most critical component to your small business success. In striving to have a successful small business I have seen many business owners fail because their thinking is either too complex or lacking.

Take your choice. Either you make things too complicated. When there are too many distractions it is easy to lose focus. When you lose focus you have lost your momentum. Or, you don’t put enough thinking into your business and you miss critical details and end up having the same results that you can get from too much thinking.

Jim Rohn, offers some excellent insight into one perspective on the formula for success. He calls it “The Ant Philosophy.”

• First: Ants have a clear purpose and as a result they never ever quit. I think you would agree that is a foundation from which to start anything. Once you have a finished picture of the future in your mind, what you need to do in the present becomes absolutely clear. Notice when the ants have their tracks or mounds destroyed that they always find a way to come back. That is because they have a clear vision of the future they desire which tells them what they must do in the present.

• Second: Ants think Winter all Summer. Ants understand that business has cycles. They prepare for the lean times. They know that things are not always going to be good. Build your business and organization knowing that there will be slow times. This is your opportunity to save your resources for the possibly lean times ahead.

• Third: Ants think Summer all Winter. Ants, know there is a time to rest up. They are not totally inactive. This is a time to renew and strengthen themselves. They know they must be at their best and ready for the Summer harvest. In fact, when the weather becomes warm they can’t wait to get out and get after business. In your business use the slower times to make improvements in your sales, marketing and operations. Much of the time this doesn’t occur because of an extra expenditure of money. It occurs because you took the time to think about it.

• Fourth: Ants always give you more than what you expect. I think you would agree that this is a very good part of their philosophy. They always find new ways for their business to thrive. Give the customer more than what they expect and you will have even more business.

Take this simple formula for success in growing your small business. Learn from the ants. Start with a clear purpose and the mindset that you are already successful. Next, plan for the lean times as well as for growth and better times. And, always offer great value by giving your customers and clients more than what they expect. Follow this philosophy and you will have a small business for all seasons.

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