Singer Sister Never Got Any Rivalry: Neha

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Neha Kankar had been singing since the age of four. In such a short time he gave voice to many big actors. A special conversation with them…

Had been singing since the age of four

You can say about me that I did not even learn to speak and I started singing. It was four years old when my singing talent came out. My brother and I used to sing hymns in the evening in childhood. I remember once singing hymns in the mother’s post, I suddenly realized that only my voice is coming. When I turned around, I found my brother sleeping. At the age of 16, I participated in the reality show ‘Indian Idol’ and stayed in the Top 10 Finalist. There I received the title of Indian Shakira After this I participated in the ‘Tansen of Comedy Circus’, but my identity was confirmed as’ Do not come in this country from’ Lado ‘title song.

Recognized by ‘Second Hand Youth’

I got recognition in the films ‘Cocktail’ from ‘Second Hand Jawani’ song This song I sang for Saif, Deepika, and Diana Penty. After this, I got the opportunity to sing Akshay Kumar’s title song “Blue”, but the ‘Dancing Dance’ of Shahid Kapoor and Prabhudeva gave me a lot of fame. ‘Yariya’ gave me the opportunity to sing ‘Super Blue’, ‘Blue Water Water and Day’, ‘Sani Sani’ today. I am very happy when all these songs are played in marriage and parties and no award function is complete without them. Honey Singh enjoyed a lot with ‘Sani Sani’.

Shadow ‘London Thumkada’ in ‘Queen’

For Kangana, when I sang the song “London Thumkada” of ‘Queen’, I enjoyed it singing it. I had realized that this song would be great enough at that time. You see, the song remained super hit and the movie was also successful.

Singer sister is not a rivalry

My inspiration is my Sonu Didi (Singer Sonu Kakkar). He is also a singer. I grew up seeing them singing. I think of myself as Lucky that I got to like him. People often ask if there is ever a sewing rivalry between us, then I have only one answer, no. Neither was there nor would have been.

Shahrukh told me a thank you

I am a fan of Shahrukh when I first saw ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. He is a superstar in a true way. I made a song video on SRK with my brother and uploaded it to YouTube. At that time, my surprise was nowhere, when in two days she got more than two lakh hits and Shahrukh told me a thank you and gave me good praise.

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