Self Improvement – Ongoing Process in Human Life

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In our daily life many people are actually always questioning to their selves, what they are supposed to do is upgrading and motivating them to be better than before. This paradigm makes me conclude something toward this question. Nowadays, there are so many socials problems came out and become phenomenon in society. These kinds of problems has been creating awareness toward the society especially every single human it selves. This kind of awareness makes them realize that they need to be upgraded and motivated continuously, so that they can survive in this world properly. This continuance is look like an ongoing process as a part of human life, this is because the time always running and human life always hand in hand with the time. This time change can cause a lot of things have been changed and creating different culture and different ways of life of the people. This diversity will create not only new environment, culture, but also pressure in human life. This pressure will always increase by the time. This is because, when the diversity has come out and added more, then the pressure of social problem will be increased automatically. In order to make us always exist and survive in the improvement of world and society, we should continuously upgrade and motivate ourselves, because this improvement time by time is becoming ongoing process in human life, which can’t be separate from everyone’s social life.

This ongoing process should be supported by everyone self awareness. This ongoing process can make someone to be better than before, especially looking from their personality and also looking for their attitude. Someone who has self awareness surely realize that by repairing and improving their personality and their attitude, they will survive in their society and can actualize their ability. Here are some tips to improve and also to make your ongoing process can take place properly in their Life.

1. Set Our Life Purposes

Everyone always has a dream, a dream that they want to realize in their future. This dream must be supported by their vision and mission of life, If someone doesn’t have this fundamental things, his/her life must be unfocused and messy. This is because there isn’t any motivation and plan that they have to realize their entire dream. This is become the most fundamental things that everyone should has.

2. Increasing Our Self Awareness by Evaluating Our Life

Sometimes people forget to evaluate what has been going on their life. This awareness usually came up after some people or communities have been affected by the disaster. So, before you get affected by the disaster, then you should keep the environment and your neighborhood green and clean. So this awareness should come first, before it’s to late happened. It can be doing some speech training in front of your family first, then you can do this in front of the audience. Because the biggest support of the life is our main family and our mom.

If you are curious to do this, just try it at home; Try to read your own personalities. But don’t be so worried, the main key of improving your personality and attitude are, check, evaluate, and fixing. The main element is taken the risk and action. If you are interested to have a business I would like to sell something needed in daily life. If now you are starting curious to know the is the tips can work or not, just try it at home, Good Luck pal…:D

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