Rich Guy And Poor Guy – 2

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Sarah was surprised to see Phil’s scooter parked outside her parents’ house. “What is he doing here in my parents’ house? Does he know I will come today?” Intensely, she thought, but she could not deny the fact that she felt so happy.

Although she felt nervous and excited, she managed to carefully park her Red, Matador Mica-2-Door-Lexus-Convertible behind Phil’s Honda Silver Wings-Scooter, which he told her several weeks ago that he loaned from his bank and paid for it in around $175.00 a month.

She could not wait to see him. She hurriedly got out from her car and took out her house key and went inside.

She opened the front door of the house holding her breath and maintaining a normal composure. She saw him sitting on their sofa. She smiled at him. Phil, who looked like Brad Pitt, except with a light gray eyes, tan complexion, and dark hair, was on his faded blue jeans and black leather boots. She was glad to see him wearing the red-Lacoste-T-shirt, that she had bought for him on their first Valentines’ Day. His head turned on her direction when she opened the door as if he was really prepared for her arrival.

Phil stood up at once and walked towards her feeling so happy to see her. His face really lifted up. He saw Sarah in her favorite fashion signature dress as usual. She was on her flesh-color 2 inches glass sole Gucci-sandals and was wearing a simple sleeveless Chanel-A-line mini dress in emerald-green-silk fabric to match her green eyes. Sarah’s face blushed when Phil gently kissed her right cheek and hugged her. They hugged each other like 60 seconds, feeling so comfortable, like both of them were home at last.

But Sarah broke the silence, “How are you ‘beille?”, as she withdrew from his embrace and held on his hands instead. Phil was speechless as he smiled at her and look deeply to her green eyes that were now shimmering like jade. He steadily looked on her face that was now glowing.

In split seconds they kissed…

Phil and Sarah loved each other. They were both in love with each other. But Phil felt that he could not give Sarah any luxury that she would have needed for her life. He was sure that she deserved better. He believed that love will not be enough to be happy, because he thought that without money, love would always failed. He was scared that Sarah would leave him if he could not live up as he thought that Sarah would have had expected from him.

Phil was just an apprentice writer, in a local newspaper in Chicago. His income was just barely enough for himself. He was not that strong enough to fight for his love because of his situation. So instead he asked Sarah to leave him and find another man whom he thought Sarah would love and would be fit with her, if not more but at least would be equal to Sarah’s status in life.

Sarah, a PH.D. Degree holder understood Phil. She thought that he was not just ready to have a commitment with her or perhaps he was not just really into her. If it were so then she thought to better let go. But whatever the reason behind she knew that he was the man for her.

They both knew that they loved each other, but they decided to end it.

They kissed sweetly with enormous love that they felt for each other. They both felt like if it were just a dream then they would not like to wake up anymore. Neither of them would, wanted to end their kisses.

But it was just a wishful thinking. Beyond question, they remained holding their hands, facing each other and motionless in the stillness of daylight air. They both felt and could tell each other’s thought by heart. “Oh, I needed myself back”, Sarah pondered over and hugged him back again.

She embraced him quick this time, but tightly. A tear dropped on Sarah’s cheek. She felt his love. She missed him so much. She never felt like this with any man that she had a relationship with, even with Daniel. She knew this all along even from the very moment that both of them decided to break-up.

Then she moved back away and said with bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, “Wow! Look at you, still my beau gosse! You look so great! I miss you!” But before Phil could say a word, she pretended to be looking for her mom and dad.

“Mom, Dad, I’m home!” with her left hand, she grabbed Phil’s right hand and whispered to him sweetly, “Come with me.” Phil walked with her on their kitchen corridor. He was speechless. He imagined and would have wanted to have felt the warmth of her lips on his, when Sarah embraced him tightly and had held her soft body next to him. He loved her deeply but he got to tell her why he was there in her parents’ house.

“There you two”, so you talked? Her mom asked them both and Sarah let go of Phil’s hand and gave her mom and dad her hugs and kisses. “Yes, a bit, but Phil has not talked that much yet.” She smiled at Phil.

“Okay, come on you guys, let’s start with our meal, I am hungry”, her dad cheerfully ordered them to start digging in. “Bon appetite”, Phil smiled and he joined them.

Phil and Sarah decided to have their coffee in the terrace. Sarah brought Phil in their upper deck. Their coffee was already ready on the table when they arrived. ‘Hmmm I love the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee”, Sarah said this to Phil while she excitedly went to look out on the ground from the terrace, where she viewed on her Lexus and Phil’s scooter safely parked outside.

Phil who stood behind her gently held her waist with both hands. He brought his body more closer to her back and wrapped around his hands now on her waist so that Sarah could have rested the back of her head on his chest. They enjoyed the moment for a while and then, “‘beille, tell me, what brought you here?” Phil let go of her and he sat on the coffee table. ‘”Come here amour. Let’s drink our coffee now, while it’s still hot.”

“I know that you always spent your Saturdays with your parents. So I figured this is the best time to talk to you. I know we chat online every week, but I feel that I have to see you. It’s different to have us together in flesh”, Phil said this as he poured her cup and his with a hot coffee. After they drank their coffee, both of them usually loved to eat chocolate afterwards. So that they were both teasing and laughing when they realized that they finished all the chocolate chips on the plate. They were both funny and loved to talk anything that they both fancy about. And then Phil gently reached on her hands across the table and broke her, the news.

“I found a girl”, he tried to say the words in a way that it would not sound badly to her. But he knew that, it would hurt her. Sarah just looked at him steadily and she smiled, “Well, I am glad…when did this happen? How did you meet her? Is this a serious relationship?” She tried her best to be cool with the news. She thought, “Well, I cannot blame him, he needed a girl with him, but would this be the real reason why he broke off with me? I have to ask him.

“Do you love her? Have you met her before you suggested our break up?” She said this to him in a cool way. “No it is not what you think, and I just thought that it is better that you should know. But I told her that I will be near you, and she has no choice about this. I will stay the same. We will still keep-in-touch. No need to change”, Phil assured her.

Sarah glanced on his face with full of curiosity and would like to ask him, “You said to me when we broke up that you are not the man for me…so do you believe and feel that you are the man for this girl?”, but before she could blurted it out, Phil said this to her with both hands still holding hers across the table, “I know this is hard for both of us, it is not only you that is hurting, I hurt too”.

Sarah could not deny that she was really hurt. She tried not to cry. She would not like him to see her cry. But her green eyes which were glowing like jade a while ago, turned pale and drawn, “I hope we did the right choice of letting each other go. I care a lot for us. Our past does not equal our future. We are the source of all our emotions. We are the one who creates them. We can even feel any way we choose at any moment in time. And yes, I do understand that our situation hurt us both, but we do not need any special reason to feel good. We can just decide to feel good right now, simply because we are alive, simply because we have each other, simply because we want to…And I want you to know that whenever that time comes that we are both ready and that we are still available, I trust that we will know what to do. We love each other.”

Sarah is not only a shrink but a very optimistic woman. She would brush quickly her sadness and tried her best to be pleasant. Phil admires her for being this calm and understanding person as she is, so that when she held on Phil’s hands and said, “‘beille, it’s in our belief that makes our life good or bad, ungrateful or happy, rich or poor…so no matter what happens in our life now, we have got to be able to believe, that “This, too, shall pass,” and if we keep persisting, we will find a way”, with these words, he would easily feel the comfort and care he needed.

“I know amour, I know, and it’s my wish…it just that I believe, I need more time to grow and to have more strength to gather myself together and find out more of what I really wanted in my life….” Phil stood up. He reached on her lips. He kissed her dearly. “I got to go now darling, I will always be with you, don’t worry.”

As soon as Phil started to walk on his way down, Sarah stood up and said, “‘beille wait!” as she grabbed on Phil to face her. Phil did not have a second thought, but he immediately embraced her, and gently held Sarah’s face in both hands and wanted to kiss her. But Sarah moved her lips on his right ear, and she sweetly whispered to him, “Go then my love, and grow fast… I am here to support you…I trust that you would start to gather your strength together now and be the kind of man, who you want me to have… I have faith in you. I am proud of you to have this thoughts and feelings for me.”

Then, she looked up on his face and smiled, “It’s all right, ‘beille, go and do whatever you needed to accomplish. But never ask me again to leave you, because I won’t…I believe in our love and I choose us…”

Phil did not say a word but rather he held her closer to him and kissed her passionately. This time, she kissed him back…A kiss that both of them truly needed. He did not like to leave her, but wanted to let her feel his love for her.

Their kisses came on strong now and steamy. Their love and passion for each other was so powerful that both of them were now too weak to stop it. Phil moved his way to bring Sarah’s back on the wall, near the hallway across the terrace. They held each other erotically close together. They were both now in tuned with their love for each other. They united their body in passion and danced together in perfect rhythm.

But those were just in their thoughts that would had happened at that moment, if they would just let it. Instead, their spirit soar.

She waved on him from the terrace while he got ready on his scooter. His glance embraced the scene as they both gave each other their flying kisses. They were both happy. No words needed. They both felt and knew by themselves that their love for each other was the ONE.

Sarah watched him drove away until he was gone from her sight. She stayed there standing in the terrace.

She contained herself and thought like she was trying to talk to her soul, “I know now what I really wanted in my life.” She breathed in deeply and exhaled. She looked on the sky and smiled…

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