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Rajinikanth was born in a very poor family in Karnataka. Sivaji Rao was his earlier name. Even after reaching great heights in the entertainment business he has always remained static on his feet. The Indian Superstar was a public transport conductor before his guru Director K. Balachander discovered his style and talent and brought him to the tamil film industry. Superstar still remembers and hangs around with his compatriots whenever he gets time. This is what makes him reach the hearts of all his fans. his style of tossing the cigarette has fetched him numerous roles in movies. Apart from his style his acting skills have also impressed the people. He not only can impress the lingual people but also make people of all languages admire him of his style. people pay double the prescribed amount to watch his movies as soon as possible. Though age has reduced his activities in the media he always remains dear to his followers. The Superstar is the only Indian on whom you can easily pour hundreds of crores in producing a movie and then easily rake in the profit in thousands of crores. His fans love him for his simplicity and his tendency to respect people. He does not forget his guru K. Balachander and his friends at any moment in his life even at great heights.

His latest movie has been screened worldwide and has been declared the highest grosser for the month and you would expect the hero to rejoice and party. But the actor has turned to spiritual blessing and has gone an a trip to Himalayas. Rajinikanth is a weird guy who dances on fire and worries about the rain. He is unmoved during the losses incurred in his home productions and is similarly unmoved when his movies hit the jackpot at the box office. His acting skills were suppressed when he started commercial movies and his fan base improved by leaps and bounds after that. That was the era when his friend Kamalhasan was at the peak of his career. For Rajinikanth there was no turning back after his initial mass movies got the collections ringing. He rose from power to power to rise from the southern superstar to the Indian Superhero. His list of movies are a mix of action, sentiment and also comedy. his movies has also been a n inspiration for many of his fans.

May the Lord provide him with all happiness and youthfulness to impress and entertain his fans for a much longer time. Now the hero is in 65 and sill going strong and has the youthfulness to romance the former Miss world in his latest movie. He could be the first Indian hero to go animated when his next movie releases.

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