Play Canon Rock Like Funtwo Does on the Electric Guitar

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People play Pachelbel’s Canon arrangement at weddings, but they don’t play it the way Funtwo plays the rock version on YouTube. After six years of learning to play the electric guitar, the South Korean guitarist, Lim Jeong, (Funtwo) had his “one of a kind” video uploaded on YouTube. Since then millions of beginners and advanced guitar players have been captivated by his style… so much so that the YouTube clip ranks among the top twenty-five videos of all time. His outstanding musical ability captured him a spot on stage playing with guitar legend, Joe Satriani, for the “YouTube Live” event held in 2008.

How to Find Lessons to Teach Yourself

There are many instructional videos and tabbed lessons that can be purchased online. Just do an online-search using the phrase “lessons for learning Canon on the guitar.” There are search results pages filled with professional instructors offering lessons for this arrangement.

Practice Requirements

Learning to play this song with excellence is going to require hundreds of hours of practice. Even with the proper guidance, the truth of the matter is you will never be able to master the arrangement without dedicated practice. Several hours per day should be set aside for doing finger exercises on the fret board. Small portions of the song should be practiced until the entire piece is mastered.

Mental Attitude

In order to play the guitar the way Funtwo does- an extremely high expectation of oneself is required. In an interview with CNN, Lim Jeong said he would rate his guitar playing at fifty percent (50%) out of a hundred (or as a “5”). As of May 2010, the videos on YouTube of him playing Jerry C’s Canon Rock on the electric guitar have pulled in over eighty-four million viewers. That’s pretty good for someone who rates his own musical ability at fifty percent of what it could be. I think you get my point. A high standard of excellence must be present in your personality at all times when learning the song.

Musical Equipment

The equipment you use to learn to play this arrangement with will have a direct effect on your motivation to master Jerry C’s Cannon Rock. A beginner guitar player can get discouraged if the instrument they are learning on won’t stay tuned or if it has poor sound quality. If you are really serious about learning to play the electric guitar, then invest in a decent amplifier and guitar. The guitar Funtwo used when he recorded the YouTube video was an ESP, Alfee Custon SEC-28OTC with gold-colored detailing.

A Good Digital Recorder is Required

It’s important to record your guitar playing as you practice. Often times what we hear with our ears sounds different than it does when we play back a recording. You want to keep practicing your small sections of the Canon Rock song until they sound flawless. This type of practice requires a high level of patience with yourself. You must never give up no matter what you think it sounds like. Remember, “practice makes perfect.”

I personally think that people who play the guitar in an outstanding manner (as Funtwo does) have been entrusted with a musical gift. Not everyone is musically gifted though. Great accomplishments can be achieved whether you are musically gifted or not, however. For some people the amount of practice that it takes to play Jerry C’s Cannon arrangement will be more extensive than it is for others. Just keep in mind that “where there’s a will there’s a way.” I’ve seen people play the guitar with their feet because they had no arms. A man named Phil Keggy achieved great heights in the Christian music world and he only has four fingers on one of his hands. Set an obtainable goal to master the song, commit to practice daily and before you know it you will be able to play Canon on the electric guitar the way Funtwo does.

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