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Personality development is a process that starts right from your childhood, till you metamorphose into an young individual whence your character pattern is set. The process is influenced by hereditary, biological, environmental, social and situational factors, the reason why each one develops a unique personality. It depends on the way in which an individual reacts and interacts with others.

Most of us are aware of the fact that the right and left hemispheres of the brain are responsible for different kinds of physical as well as emotional functions. Researchers are more and more interested in finding out the relationship between the extent of brain cell development and its influence over the personality of a certain individual. The question arises, are the mind and body separate entities or is the mind simply a function of the physical being?It has been suggested that there are some identifiable portions of the brain that controls the mind functions such as emotion and aggression.

The physical appearance of a person has its undue effect on one’s own personality. Being a tall person might work up to your advantage whereas a short person has to compensate for his/her lack of height and even sometimes come to a compromise. I don’t mean to say that tall persons have a better personality, but the society has its own influence in creating image perception, and mind you, although physique is a component of personality, it is purely determined by hereditary factors and not all personality characteristics are determined by hereditary and biological factors.

So, what has to be done in order to bring totality in your personality?Let me rephrase the question. What according to you is a pleasing personality?

  • A perfectly groomed individual
  • A handsome man, someone like Tom cruise or Brad pitt(personally I like both)
  • A culture freak
  • A social person
  • A family man
  • A well behaved person
  • Soft spoken
  • Aggressive

Well, what I personally feel is that we start liking persons who possess the characteristics that we are not gifted with or which we dare not develop for some psychological or social reasons. You try to identify yourself with that person by image perception that has a “halo effect”. Human personality develops stage by stage and it is a multi dimensional process from immaturity to maturity, that moves along a continuum.

Personality is a relative term, there is no readymade template for a complete personality. Wherever there is an interlude of social and environmental factors, personality cannot be defined, it can only be determined. Only when the primitive and biological urges that are present in every individual are unleashed in a socially approved manner the society is said to be in order. The society and culture also play a mojor role in personality development. Cognitive perception and self integration also makes a person’s personality a meaningful “whole”.

The understanding of “I” that the person conceives himself to be or strives to be and the “ME” the way the person appears to be or thinks that he appears to others are entirely different. This is where most of our personality problems start. Leaders are always open in their approach, that’s where their success lies. There is no clash of interest between the “I” and “ME” and so there is no hypocrisy in their behavior too. The consistency of your behavior is very important in social circles.

Many family lives are ripped apart after long years of marriage as there is no basic understanding and their lives are bound by their children or their work serves as an escape or outlet. Expressing yourself in the right manner, I’m talking about both your plus and minus even before tying the knot saves you much disgrace, pain and emotional trauma.

The structure of your personality is determined by your family, friends, school, colleagues, peers and even unknown faces that you come across in your day to day life. Understanding yourself is not that complex a process as every individual possess the capability of rating yourselves. When you err, immediately your conscience comes to the fore like a school teacher and warns you. So developing into a wholesome personality is in your own hands, it is not at all difficult provided if you have self control and the power to be inspired by great personalities. Prisoners are given personality training in most of the countries to make them realize where they went wrong and how to better themselves and be elevated to a higher level of existence in terms of social and interpersonal relationship.

After reaching every level that satisfies you, you have to ask yourself “What next?”to make yourself a better person in every aspect of life that serves as a passport to the next level of achievement. There is no zenith when it comes to personality development and learning. The process is never ending and the experience worth giving a try.

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