Panorama of Hindi Movies in the Modern Era

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Hindi movies have long been recognized as a narration of Indian culture and tradition. It reflects and also influences the lifestyle of Indian people to a great extent. Since the time it has been introduced it is known as the most popular form of entertainment with a mix of drama, music, action, adventure and tragedy.

Over years, the panorama of Hindi movies has changed dramatically. New ideas, new techniques of picturization, wider reach of geographical places for shooting, new stars, and advancements in Indian lifestyle have together contributed to the new picture of the present day movie industry. The themes, the style, and the direction all have changed, giving a completely new view.

Nowadays movies have crossed its reach of themes and gone across all boundaries. Like the olden days, even today films explore the realistic issues and ideas to reflect the true colors of real life but they differ in the kind of direction. They narrate political issues, social issues, love for humanity, love for thy country, real picture of terrorism, and dramatic love stories. In the present day, the movie industry is also focusing on the documentary films that hold huge number of audience. Any natural disaster that is expected to come or any kind of terrorism that has created disaster in the country is showcased potentially in the Hindi movies.

With the advancement of technology, shooting tools and techniques have also improved that have added a realistic touch of movies. Furthermore, directors and publishers are spending enormously on shooting at international locations and other significant places. Nowadays, there is no need to create scenic stage and back stage decorations for shooting.

Songs in the films have also changed with higher influence form the western music. New musical notes, high beats, improved instruments, and better orchestra has further added to the popularity of Hindi movie songs that play a vital role in promoting the movies. Today, various genres of songs including dance numbers, devotional songs, romantic hits, and pop songs are well composed and picturized in a way that keeps the audience drawn towards it.

Indian film industry beholds a number of legendary musicians, composers, artists, directors, and singers who have taken the industry across international boundaries. Present day iconic figures like Sonu Nigam, Abhijeet, Ajay Devgan, Shahrukh khan, Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Kareena Kapoor, Kajol, Salmaan Khan, Aamir Khan, Preety Zinta, Tabu, Subash Ghai, Ram Gopal Verma, and Maini Ratnam have further taken the industry to new heights.

The industry is expected to embrace new talents and reach newer heights in the years to come. Even today, Indian movie industry is considered to be the most popular around the world but the future holds even better success and fame for the Indian cinemas.

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