NLP – 3 Ways to Raise Self-Esteem in Children With NLP

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Raising children is challenging and it takes work to raise smart children. Not only smart intellectually, but smart emotionally and spiritually. Lots of people are surprised to think that it needs work. Well, sorry to bother you a little. Becoming a happy person needs work. Have you ever seen the movie “The pursuit of happiness” with Will Smith. The message is simple and clear: work, work, work and work a little more and then you will have everything that you want.

The same principle applies when you’re raising children. I’m going to give you 3 steps you will follow to raise smarter children with neuro linguistic programming techniques.

1. Manage your own emotions. The first step to raise children who will obey you and children with a healthy self-esteem is for you to be able to manage and master your emotions. If you want your children to be confident, be confident yourself. Do you want them to be quiet? Don’t yell at them. Be calm first if you want them to calm down. What is the level of your self-esteem? Consider working on yourself first, instead of doing everything possible to change your children. It’s actually quite easy with the appropriate neuro linguistic programming techniques.

2. Tell them the reason why. You have more chance to change a child’s behavior by explaining to them the reason why than by asking them firmly to change the behavior. Teaching the reason why is teaching a principle behind the behavior. Teaching principles and values have more effect in changing the behavior than by talking about behavior alone. That’s the value-behavior relationship of the 6 logical levels, one of the many great neuro linguistic programming techniques.

3. Redirect their attention. This works like a charm with toddlers. When they cry, instead of yelling at them to stop crying, and I’m guilty of that, sometimes, just redirect their attention. Rapidly, ask them to look at something else, or to hear this other sound. Repeat the process several times if it doesn’t work one time. This has 2 effects on yourself: you become more creative and you become proud of yourself because you’re conquering your emotions. You’re mastering them. Bravo! There are lots more neuro linguistic programming techniques to help you master your emotions very easily and very fast.

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