New Year, New You – Part I

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January 1st is almost here and will be gone. The day will go just as fast as any other day. On December 31st at 11:59 one important fact is constant: TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN. If you are like millions of Americans across the country you will make a New Years Resolutions that you vow to keep. You will even say an extra special prayer this year that this year will be different!

Your new years resolution may be getting out of debt, spending more time with your family, getting organized, getting rid of clutter, and last but not least LOSING WEIGHT. I’m a lifestyle coach you knew that one was coming. What makes this year different than 2006, or 2012?

What happens during the course of the year, that you continue to make the same New Years Resolution each year? What would happen if you finally kept the same New Years Resolution and actually lost the weight? You could move forward with another important resolution. My goal for you and every reader is to have you exceed your healthy living goals. How do we do that?

An emotional eater consumes food to replace a void that needs to be filled. The emotion could range from feeling alone, boredom, avoiding reality, stress, confrontation, rejection, abandonment or anxiety. The key to controlling why you eat is to identify why you are an emotional eater. In order to identify why you may eat to deal with an emotion we will list typical issues that we sometimes use food to address that emotion.

For me my deliverance was giving everything in my life to God. I got tired of trying to be aggressive with my career and dating. Yes I am still single and waiting patiently on the Lord. Deliverance for you may be changing your attitude to a positive attitude. What do you tell yourself during the day? What is your inner dialogue made of? We all do it. I have done it and started listening to myself. When you are alone with your thoughts and in conversation what do find yourself saying:
“Things never work out for me!” “I can never do anything right,” “I am so stupid”
“I have the worst luck,” “Everyone in my family is over weight! “

Thoughts and Words are so very powerful. There is a saying that I hate hearing parents say about their children. It sounds cute to say but it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Have you ever heard someone refer to a child and say, “He is so BAD! “? From the time the child begins to comprehend, and children are much smarter than we give them credit for he continues to hear his mother say those words. So when a child from the age of 5 -16 continues to hear “He is so BAD ” for 9 years. When he really is a great child that has been conditioned by his mother or father that he is bad.

When he starts getting into fights and ends up in detention or jail, we wonder what happened? That’s what happened. He heard “HE IS SO BAD ” for 9 years that he figured I AM. I gave this example to prove that what we say and tell ourselves is just as powerful. So take a mental note of what you tell yourself and if it’s not positive, start surrounding yourself with positive friends, music and people.

Many people set goals for themselves but they lack the desire to do the work that it takes. Loosing weight and implementing a healthy lifestyle is not just about how you look. It is about how you feel. It is about the work ethic that it instills in you to meet your fitness goals as well as any other goals you may have for yourself. If you don’t have the desire to work hard and meet your weekly fitness goals then continue with your old habits. Because working out and losing weight has to be a desire to change your life.

Make a decision that this is the last time you will not reach your fitness goals. If you are not reaching your fitness goals ask yourself what other goals have you set for your self that you are not meeting. I guarantee that if your goals in health and fitness are not being met there are other areas in your life that are suffering as well. Make a decision to move forward with your goal. Decide to make realistic fitness goals. 2 pounds per week is a realistic goal. It may not sound like much but add those 2 pounds per week and you have lost 8 pounds per month.

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