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Abby Sciuto, a witty, lovable personality with forensic skills that are even greater than her charm. As said by Tony in Season 7, Abby is a paradoxical oxymoron. She is a Goth, but she is the happiest and most joyful member of the NCIS crew. She always keeps a smile on her face, and her happiness is contagious. Her relationship with the other team members is excellent, and they are all very fond of her. Abby is talented in most fields of science, including forensics, DNA, biology, and computer science/hacking. She has a close relationship with McGee, because the two have a lot in common. They are just friends, but are jealous when either one of them interacts with the opposite sex. A very funny predicament when it happens.

Anyone who is stranger to Abby, will find her very weird. They will first be startled by her contradictory nature, and the way she talks. Abby has a way with words! She can rephrase a sentence 50 different ways, talks extremely fast, and can go on repeating a concept out loud for a long time. Her sense of humor is first-rate, and you can see it in her humorous monologues (Gibbs imitation in particular). She always knows how to infuse humor into a situation, and her favorite hippo Bert is her comfort in a tragic/difficult situation.

Ms. Sciuto is also the most persistent member of NCIS. Not only because she has to be, but because it is in her nature. When DiNozzo was framed for murder, the sole fate of Tony’s future laid in her hands. After every bit of forensic evidence led to Tony, she was devastated. But through her devastation, she continued to look at every little detail of the investigation, looking for a slip-up, until she found one piece of evidence that proved Tony’s innocence. This persistence has led Abby to be one of the best forensic scientists in her field, and one of the funniest and upbeat members of NCIS.

Now that we know who she is, let’s answer a basic questionnaire about what Abby would do in certain situations:

Q1. Your best friend has just lost a loved one, how do you handle it?

A. Abby is very emotional, and her strength comes from an openness and fearlessness of expressing her emotions. She will develop deep emotional connections with others very quickly. So when these connections are lost, she will be hit very hard. Abby would not just talk on the phone to comfort a friend, she would drive over, and be there to comfort him/her in person. She would cry with the friend, and use her compassion to comfort her friend.

Q2. You just won $1,000,000 from a lottery ticket that you bought. How do you react?

A. Abby is very social, jumpy, and easily excitable. Winning $1,000,000 would put Abby in a joyous frenzy, telling all of her family and friends. She would spend a certain portion of the money on herself, and most likely donate the rest to charitable causes. Abby is a very charitable person, and she likes to spend her time improving the lives of others. Money is something that she would use to buy new clothes/accessories to fit her lifestyle. She would use the rest to help make the world better.

Q3. Your best friend has just achieved his or her dream goal. How do you show your support?

A. As you might have concluded, Abby is one supportive lady! She would be the one to throw the actual celebration party for a friend, in addition to being there. She may spend a generous amount on a gift, in addition to making a gift with sentimental value. Abby loves to see the happiness in others, and seeing her best friend succeed would be such an inspiration to Abby.

Q4. On your deathbed, how well did you live your life? Is there anything you would have done differently, given a second chance?

A. There is no doubt in my mind that Abby is living the way she wants to live. To take a stand, and be who you are, is the most proactive thing you can do. She lives her life in a way to satisfy who she is as a human being, and not conforming to what society expects of her. Abby does not care what kind of energy she attracts while walking down the street, but she does care about being who she was born to be. On her deathbed, Abby Sciuto will have no regrets about the way she lived her life.

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