Megamind Costume – You’ve Got To See The Mask!

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A Brief Summary of the Animated Movie

Megamind is a very popular animated film released in 2010. The animated movie became a hit at the box office and is one of the most successful animated films of 2010. The story revolves around the main character Megamind who was voiced by Will Ferrel. In the film he’s the most brilliant super villain in the world.

He had an archenemy named Metro Man who was voiced by Brad Pitt. Megamind has tried many times over several years to conquer Metro City but always failed because of Metro Man. One day, Megamind’s evil plan worked perfectly and he was able to defeat Metro Man. After some time, he became bored and realized that life is not enjoyable without a superhero to battle with.

He then created a new superhero named Titan who is bigger, better and stronger than Metro Man. The dilemma started when Titan realized he wanted to become a villain and made it his mission to destroy the world. This is when Megamind realized he created a monster and had to destroy it. If he succeeds, he will save the world and become a superhero.

Hottest New Costumes

Because of the huge success of the film, Megamind costumes based on this animated film will surely be a hit on Halloween and costume parties. It would be so much fun acting like Megamind while wearing a complete costume with mask and all. It would surely be enjoyable getting into the character and acting like a real evil super villain. Costumes for both children and adults are available in different sizes.

This is not just an ordinary alien costume but the best alien costume out there. Everyone will surely recognize the evil but comical and lovable character. Halloween or any costume party will be a uniquely enjoyable experience for the one wearing the Megamind costume. This costume can give you the edge in winning costume contests and you’ll surely take home the first prize. Just don’t forget to accept your prize while in the Megamind character for a hilarious crowd reaction.

Parts of the Megamind Costume

Of course, one of the most important parts of the costume is the incredibly amazing mask. This is not really necessary and most people just opt for makeup or face paint but the mask will really make the wearer look like Megamind.

The big head will certainly be a comical hit with other people. The jumpsuit with the black stand up collar is also an important part of the costume. This will make the costume authentic looking. What super villain would be complete without the cape? The cape is a big part of the costume and will make the get-up truly perfect and complete.

Other Megamind costumes will also be a hit during Halloween and costume parties. Metro man costumes are equally popular. Why not go as Metro Man and have a friend wear a Megamind costume? This will really make Halloween or any costume party very interesting. And that’s exactly what you want to do.

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