Keep Your Cool Around A Hot New Guy – Secrets Of Dating Confidence Every Girl Needs To Know

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Picture this: You meet a hot new guy. He sees you. He says hi. And for the next 5 minutes, his attention is focused on you — and ONLY you. Will you keep your cool… or will you be reduced to a sweating, stuttering, light-headed mess? Here are a few dating confidence-boosters you’ll want to have to ever keep from becoming the latter!

Tip #1 – Don’t Hate Yourself

Let’s face it — we sometimes live in an “I hate me” society. Whether it’s because of TV, or church, or the newest vampire novel in town, we’re tempted to think that the worse off our lives are, the more men will like us. And the more problems you have, the more attention you get.

Sorry, but you can’t really feel confident if you hate yourself. Am I right?

Whatever you do, don’t play the victim. Don’t go thinking only damsels in distress deserve handsome princes. (There’s a reason those stories are called fairy tales.)

Instead, try falling in love with yourself. First, accept the fact that you’re not perfect, and sometimes even your imperfections are precisely what makes you beautiful.

Angelina Jolie has fat lips, but they didn’t stop her from snagging Brad Pitt, did they?

Tip #2 – Lighten Up

You know what guys hate the most? Women who get emotional. Women who get dramatic. Women who get clingy and needy the moment their mood takes a dip. It’s easy to think that being emotional gives men the opportunity to look macho, but let’s face it — the guys can do without the drama!

My advice? Lighten up. Accept the fact that 4 out of 5 things in life don’t turn out the way you want them to turn out… unless, of course, you start taking control of your life. When you make your own choices. When you take responsibility. When you look to the future with hope instead of fear.

And when a hot guy realizes how much more confident you are than he is, HE might start sweating and stuttering around you. Wouldn’t that be great?

Don’t rob yourself of that possibility. Lighten up! Have fun! Give him a good time!

Tip #3 – Take Him Along For The Ride

And finally, here’s a simple thought. Would a man rather have a girlfriend he has to take care of, or a girlfriend who can take care of herself? My guess is the second one.

So can you take care of yourself? Can you live a fantastic life without depending on a man? And can you lead a life that’s so wonderful and fun that men can’t help but WANT to go along for the ride?

My advice: Don’t “hitch a ride” in a guy’s life. Instead, take him along for YOUR ride. And maybe both of you can make each other’s lives a little better than before, every single day!

So to recap: don’t hate yourself, lighten up, and take him along for the ride. When you do all three of these tips, you can stand next to ANY hot guy — and you can stand up to any problem that your new love life might throw your way.

Did you enjoy this article? Would you like to learn more confidence-boosting dating advice? Then I’ll be glad to help you!

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