KBC – Who Did It Better?

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Two of the greatest there ever have been! While one has been the Shehansha for over forty years, the other has become the Badshah in less than only twenty years. Amitabh and Shahrukh. These two are arguably the biggest superstars of Indian cinema. Both have been praised extensively by the critiques over the years. While Big B is called the star of the millennium, SRK has been nicknamed King Khan, the King of Bollywood. Both have received prestigious recognitions in and out of the country. Both have received numerous best actor awards and both have their statues in Madame Tussauds wax museum, an honor received by only a handful of Indians.

These two have been a major part of the gossip and controversies. And at one time they were even rumored to have a state of cold war between them. They have been observed to have almost similar careers. SRK built a bigger fan nation in far lesser time; that’s a different story altogether.

We are all acquainted with the popular game show, Indian adaptation of the British show Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC). Presently, Big B has returned as the host of KBC in its 4th season, this being his 3rd time hosting the show. While most people are more than happy to welcome Big B on their TV screens one more time, the remaining are missing SRK. A question always pops up, who hosted the show better, BIG B or SRK? SRK hosted the third season of KBC. It opened on a stunning 6 TVR rating, the best KBC has ever managed on a first episode of a season, and had an average of 5 TVR. KBC 1 had a peak rating of 22 TVR while KBC 2 dropped it to 12 TVR that was only cut short because the host fell ill.

While both have been considered to be good hosts, KBC 3 wasn’t commercially successful, at least not in the way KBC 1 was. This happened because of the ongoing cricket tournaments at the time with India’s matches coinciding with the 9 to 10 slot. And we all know how great cricket is considered in India. Although KBC 3 wasn’t successful, SRK’s ability as a host should not be written off. In my humble opinion, SRK was more fun to watch. He was funny and entertaining, gave warm hugs and helped the contestants with their tears. His not being a 70 years old man who got ill in the middle of a season paid off big time. This helped him in making a more friendly relationship with his contestants. The reason why many prefer Big B despite of these things is merely that Big B appeared in the first two seasons and people have gotten used to seeing him as the host.

Now that Big B is back on KBC for its fourth season, it is still running low on ratings. In fact they are lower than there ever have been. It manages to beat Sallu’s Big Boss but lacks a certain force. Mr. Bachchan is not to be blamed for this mishap. This is happening because KBC is on a different network, Sony. And as much as I hate to say it, the audience has lost interest in this show.

So, who did it better?

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