iPhone Application Development – The Early Stages

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The iPhone is a leading smart phone that serves not only the purpose of telecommunication but also as platform for multimedia and ability of multiple capabilities with the help of only a single tool.

According to Apple store the iPhone applications have been downloaded a billion times. On the Apple store there are a number of applications ranging from those that are very useful to those that are hardly of any use.

Seeing these many applications already put up for sale, you would also want your iPhone application that could be accessible by all the users of iPhone. When you thing this way a number of queries such as clarification about the source of the SDK, and the steps to be taken need to answered.

Following are some of the prominent aspects of developing an iPhone application.

  • If you want to develop an iPhone application, the first step is to get a clear picture about how the current applications work on the iPhone. It is said that one cannot learn swimming unless he or she jumps into the water. In this case too you need to first study thoroughly study the working of the current iPhone applications.
  • You should understand that the working of the iPhone is quite different from the working of the desktop computer. The operation commands are executed in a specific way on the iPhone. If your application does not comply with the requirements of the iPhone then it is going to back fire and lead to waste of time, money and resources.
  • The user interface is very different because the content within the iPhone is only accessible with the help of your fingers. The size of the screen is quite limited. There is a very limited scope of offering help to the user.
  • Animation is one thing that is used extensively in the iPhone just to make the interface very lively. This implies that the iPhone application that you develop should be easy to use by the users.
  • The iPhone is equipped with a set of accelerometers. These set of accelerometers detect the movement and orientation of the iPhone device. It is because of this that the iPhone simulator has to be used on either the iPod Touch or the actual iPhone.
  • http://developer.apple.com/iphone/ is the developer site of the iPhone and is rich with information about iPhone application development. You can access the documents, informative videos and even the sample codes through that website.
  • You should go through thoroughly the user interface guidelines of the iPhone provided on this website. This is required the most especially to clear the fundamentals. This can make you clear about the way applications work on the iPhone. You also come to know how things can be controlled and about the functionality.

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