Instant Transformation Tool – "That’s Not Yours"

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Oh, how deliciously easy it is to indulge ourselves in other people’s negative stories, toxic gossip and unfulfilling dramas. It’s as if some days we are completely lacking in any defenses at all, hence we’re magnetically whooshed to the unforgiving dark side. Oops, our humanity is peeking through, yet again! The good news is mass consciousness is expanding at the speed of light (wahoo!), and there are more and more powerful tools emerging daily to arm us against this self-created hell.

Since our clever little ego is simply doing its job and wants to always be considered good and useful, it is going to do everything in its power to lead you to this house of pain. We inherently know in our hearts: gossip now, pay later. So succumbing to the temptation of judgment, blame and criticism, not only makes us feel terrible at the end, but it fuels even more negativity. Now all parties are feeling completely deflated. It’s a lose/lose situation.

When your ego is salivating and is doing its best to get right in there and jump on the negative/gossipy/judgmental bandwagon, there are three words that have the magnificent power to immediately pull one up and out…if one is open to choosing the LIGHT, that is.


This goes far beyond saying “it’s none of your business.” No, this space is a more resonant and expansive home base. Think about it. THAT’S NOT YOURS implies that this person or situation has nothing to do with you and YOUR glorious life path. These words give you immediate permission to get off of the negativity train and practice a sort of removed acceptance. These three power words pave the way for you to focus on what YOU want to create in your life. They plant gorgeous acceptance seeds regarding another’s divine journey. When practiced, this actually feels really fabulous and freeing.

Who really cares what the others are doing anyway? After all, is it supremely up to us to determine if someone’s actions are right or wrong? Doesn’t that tend to reek of self-righteousness? Have we honestly been granted the authority to be the almighty judge? Besides, those accused are the ones who get to tuck themselves in every night and live with their choices. Everyone has his/her own life path and who knows what karma is being played out in the perfect Divine plan. So get off of it!

On an even deeper level…when we are tempted to exercise an overwhelming compassion for the woman in the wheelchair on the corner, the blind man walking towards us, or for the addicted homeless person sleeping on the street…before you go too deep into all of the intense emotions that can come with that, remember… THAT’S NOT YOURS. Yes, give money, clothes, food, and help if that is what you are called to do! Yes, a sense of compassion and love for beings going through these painful circumstances is BEAUTIFUL and makes the world go around! Yes, remember how blessed you are, no matter what circumstances you might find yourself in!

However, if you are feeling your heart pulsating with incredible angst while in their presence, it is of the utmost importance to remember that they are on their path expressing God…and God is beautiful…and they don’t need your “stuff” on top of all of their “stuff.”

And frankly, That’s Not Yours.

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