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Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan may have immortalized the Benarasi Paan but this palate cleanser and mouth freshener has always been an inherent part of the city’s culinary temptations. The Seventh Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan is also said to have been quite fond of the paandaan, a casket used to store these betel leaves. No wonder then that Hyderabad has a good mix of small Paan Dabbas as well as special paan boutiques. Here is a list of some popular ones in the city.

PVS Paan Mahal Paradise Circle, Secunderabad.

If there was a place that could be defined as an opulent Paan Shop this would be it. It has a menu where you can take your pick from with the ingredients like supari, gulkand, qiwam, kattha, chuna and tambaku on display like it were a showroom. In terms of varieties you can choose from sada (simple), meetha (sweet) to the maghai (the twin variety), rampiyari, baba kashmiri etc. Their kalkatta meetha paan is quite a mouthful. They also serve a designer paan with real silver and gold waraq (silver leaf) and it costs a mind boggling Rs. 2,500. Also available outside are the very enticing ice golas (ice candies) which go perfectly with the paan. This place also has a huge collection of international bada suttas.

Dimmy Paan Palace Sindhi Colony, Prenderghast Road, Secunderabad.

Made on the lines of PVS Paan Mahal, Dimmy Paan Palace is another designer paan shops in the city. This place has more of an evening hangout feel to it with chaat, sandwiches, ice golas and soft drinks also available here. Their specialty is the kalkatta meenakshi paan which has a minty flavor and is filled with elaichi (cardamom). Do try their rampiyari as well and do not forget to ask for soft supari (bhuna hua chaliya) in your paan if you are not too keen on teeth-grinding. We recommend the kalkatta meetha paan with extra gulkand (rose sugar), saunf (fennel), elaichi, laung (clove) and kesar (saffron) for the complete experience. This place also has a good collection of international suttas and bada suttas.

Blue Diamond Paan Shop Near LB Stadium, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad.

For a feel of the old neighborhood corner paan dabba experience, hop over to the Blue Diamond Paan Shop at Basheerbagh. This place has been running successfully for over forty years now. Their specialty is the regular patta meetha paan which is quite nicely folded into a small paan holder. They also have a selection of very traditional paans such as the Navratan and Kashmiri and also offer unique mixes like the Navratan Meenakshi and the Navratan Rampiyari. Looking for suggestions from the paanwala himself? That’s available too.

Paan Shop Near Sahib Sindh Sultan, 5th Floor City Centre Mall, Banjara Hills Road No.1, Hyderabad.

This is nestled in a corner near Sahib Sindh Sultan restaurant. The paanwala is dressed in typical Benarasi style with a dhoti and a Nehru cap with a nice moustache. This shop’s specialty is its maghai (twin paans). The meetha paan is also quite tasty and the supari is quite soft. Also on offer is the kesar filled rampiyari which is a nice twist to an already popular paan. It’s a must stop after a meal at one of the BJN restaurants here.

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