How to Treat a Millionaire in Dating – A Guide for Ambitious Women

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Imagine that-a woman feeling just as nervous dating a man, as a man usually feels dating a beautiful woman. When a woman sets out to date a rich man, the dynamic is familiar. She doesn’t want to say anything to offend him, she wants to be the perfect date, and she may even be too flustered to speak in his presence. That’s what you call commodity – the perception of value. A beautiful woman knows she has it, and oftentimes, a self-made millionaire man knows he has it too.

The Art of Being Genuine

That begs the question, how does a person with such high-perceived value want to be treated? Or, how should you treat a millionaire when dating him? Perhaps the answer is hidden within the question. The value here is “perceived.” The millionaire man is very aware of how others see him and how attitudes instantly change once his wealth is revealed. This double “face” or standard in social behavior is what the millionaire male usually finds off-putting. He wants to fall in love with your honesty. He wants to think that you would love him regardless of his wealth, that you believe in his abilities and good qualities.

Consider that millionaire men are usually not looking for millionaire wives. An independent website survey showed that of 15,000 single millionaires, the majority of rich men actually preferred women who did not make as much money as they did – a whopping 80 percent. The men also revealed that they wanted to date somebody who “appreciates things” and wanted to enjoy younger, attractive women in general. Based on this information, faking your way through a relationship and pretending or even hoping to be a Lady Gaga or Angelina Jolie type personality is obviously not the direction you want to go. These man want stability; they want someone to take care of, someone to cherish. A woman’s basic attraction to a wealthy man who has the resources to take care of her, in exchange for strong love and loyalty, is not a dynamic to be ashamed of – it is simply a niche type of relationship that has its own set of unique rules and conditions. When it comes to serious dating, a man wants to be respected as a provider, but not feel exploited for his money alone.

Intelligence and Passion Count

A study by Prince and Associates revealed that 89 percent of millionaire men desired to meet an intelligent woman, with equal or superior smarts than themselves. The study also found that 92 percent of men were attracted to career women. It may seem confusing that wealthy men desire partners to take care of, even while feeling an attraction to career-motivated women. However, the attraction is not necessarily in equal wealth or money; these men are attracted to deep thinkers, to social and political activists, to women who are passionate about something important in life, even if they don’t have their own wealth to show for it.

The Trophy Wife Clause

While many women love the fantasy of Daddy Warbucks sweeping Grace Farrell off her feet, the truth is that many millionaire man enjoy the idea of having a “trophy wife.” In their careers, their social life, and among their family members they are expected to have a wife “they deserve” and so they do take appearances seriously. This doesn’t mean you have to be a perfect “ten” compared to every woman out there, but being a millionaire’s main squeeze does imply the basics: that you value your appearance, you are concerned with how other people see you, and that you work hard take care of yourself physically.

Lastly, the same Prince and Associates study revealed that wealthy men want a lot of sex, because sometimes money is a powerful aphrodisiac. This doesn’t mean he’s going to cheat, but rest assured his libido will spike every now and then, usually when he’s being worshiped by his friends, business partners, and contemporaries. As commitment becomes stronger, be prepared to nurture him and give him a “wife’s duties.” (However, don’t feel obligated to sleep with him in early dating. Money or not, this is a huge gamble) Yes, of course, a woman who actually enjoys lovemaking and boosting her man’s ego in bed is going to a five-star catch for sure in the millionaire’s mind. You will be his partner, his soul mate, his play mate, and his trophy wife all rolled up into one package.

Yes, a millionaire man will love you deeply well beyond just a “sugar baby” if you manage to build trust with honesty, and prove to him that you are worth far more than a million dollars.

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