How to Steal Someone’s Girlfriend – In 3 Simple Steps

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Did you ever like a girl and then find out a bit later that she actually already had a boyfriend? Were you surprised when you found out this fact? Did she seem interested in you before you found out about the other guy?

After she told you about her boyfriend, how did you feel? Did everything just spiral downhill from there? Were you disappointed? Were you angry? Did you tell yourself that she was off-limits for good because of this boyfriend of hers?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up there! Think about all of the great girls you know. Most of them probably already have boyfriends – am I right? So why should you stop yourself from hitting on somebody just because she has a love interest for now? Read on to find out essential steps to stealing away girlfriends from undeserving guys today.

Learn How To Steal Away Girlfriends From Undeserving Guys Today – Highly Essential Steps You Need To Know

Step One: Do not think about her existing relationship with her boyfriend. To be frank, the fact that a girl has a boyfriend should not be important when it comes to the world of seduction. The only thing that should matter is the girl. The boyfriend is just an inconvenience, so quit thinking about him.

The thing is that the less you worry about the boyfriend, the better it would be – simply because if you ignore his presence, then it will be less of an issue. On the other hand, if you keep propping up the question, then she will often feel guilty about considering leaving her boyfriend for you.

Step Two: Think about why she revealed the existence of this boyfriend. Some girls use the excuse of having a boyfriend as a kind of defense mechanism against guys they aren’t interested in. Be honest with yourself: was she trying to say ‘no, thank you, move on’ or did she really seem interested in you?

Step Three: Use covert tactics. Now that these seduction basics have been revealed to you, you should find out a more advanced step in stealing away girls from their undeserving boyfriends: hypnosis. Learn some tricks of hypnosis, such as fractionation, in order to truly reach your goals.

Fractionation, which is available in a two-step seduction formula, can be used to make a woman feel emotionally connected with you – no matter if she already has a boyfriend or not. If you have seen a drop-dead gorgeous woman leaving her Brad Pitt lookalike boyfriend for a regular guy, then chances are that the fractionation formula is used. Killer stuff indeed!

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