How to Seduce a Woman Quickly – Using the Mind Blowingly Effective Fractionation Technique

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Alright, today I am going expose to you one of the best kept secrets in the world of dating and seducing women. This particular knowledge used to be hidden from the view of the public, but it has been used (and exploited) by men in the so-called “underground” seduction community since the 1980’s.

This technique, called Fractionation, is about adopting a particular tactic in hypnosis to make a woman feel that she has developed strong and deep rapport with you – although in reality she has only met you for 15 minutes. This is a very subtle but effective tactic to make a woman fall for you quickly, and without her knowing it.

If you have not tried to seduce a woman (who you may perceive to be “out of your league”), then you’re really missing out – with Fractionation you will be able to seduce her… and more. The fact is that with this technique, you will be able to make any woman like you, even if you are not as good looking as Brad Pitt, limber as Justin Timberlake or as rich as Uncle Scrooge.

Here’s a simple description on how Fractionation works in three steps: (1) Get your target to first talk about her happy memories. When she does this, get her to describe the happy memory as clearly as possible. (2) Repeat the same step, but this time ask her about her past experiences which make her feel especially sad.

When the two states are alternated, she will feel that she has experienced both happiness and sadness with you – and as a result she will get the impression that she has spend a lot of time with you. As her familiarity with you grows, it’s easier for her to fall in love completely with you.

The key to the technique is to make a woman feel “enchanted” quickly – and get her to emotionally hooked on you so that she cannot help but to follow your “orders”. When you work your magic, everything else seems to disappear into the background… and she would continually feel captivated by you, and will never want to stop talking to you.

Master hypnotists have known Fractionation for years, and they have used it to make people comply to their wishes in highly covert ways. Only until recently the technique has been modified to be used in the dating world – and regular guys have been using it to achieve killer results with women.

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