How to Get a Girlfriend in One Day

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Would you like to know how to get a woman in one day? Would you like some handy hints to help you score someone fast? Is speed your thing and you don’t have the patience for the waiting rigmarole? You have come to the right place! Read on and find out everything you wanted to know about how to be Mr. Speedster!

Handy hint #1: Be yourself. If you try to be Brad Pitt, you will fail miserably. You will be yourself if you think you are a treasure, and only if you think you are one will any girl think the same. There is something very refreshing about a real, honest man. Women find that irresistible. Especially in an ocean of fakes, you will stand out for sure.

Handy hint #2: Smell nice. Bathe and shave and wear cologne. Just don’t empty a bottle over your head. Be subtle about it all. Use a combination so she doesn’t know what you are wearing. This will reel her in. If you go Cool Water by Davidoff, yes, you will smell good, but it is too predictable.

Handy hint #3: Be a gentleman. Good manners always win the day. Open the door for her, pull her chair out, and allow her to precede you, compliment her, you know, all those nice things. Buy her a flower if you are passing a booth. Be kind and nice. If you are planning a relationship with this girl, remember to keep it up! (Keep it up anyways: you will be a much better person for it.)

Handy hint #4: Be bold. Confidence is sexy. Period. So be forthcoming with your plans for the day. Speak with confidence about who you are. Just don’t brag. It puts women off.

Handy hint #5: Give her space. Don’t be too aggressive, in other words. Touch her lightly, but not too much. Show that you respect her and her personal space. This will draw her in. It is an eternal dance, remember, and if you step forward too much, you will step on her toes and she will not be too pleased. Then it will turn into a story of how I lost that woman within five minutes!

Congratulations! You have the formula for how to get a woman in one day. Now, once you get her, what are you going to do with her?! We hope you have it all figured out! Good luck!

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