How to Develop a Fight Club Body Like Brad Pitt

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In the movie Fight Club Brad Pitt had an average build as far as muscle size goes, but his muscle tone was outstanding! In fact, If you have been lifting for any period of time, you probably have more muscle size than Brad Pitt had in Fight Club. Women seem to prefer this type of body over an overly muscular body almost 100% of the time. If you want to impress guys in the gym, then by all means, gain a ton of muscle mass. If you want to impress women, then aim for that lean Fight Club look.

Don’t Kid Yourself… It Is Harder to Get Lean Than it is to Get Big!

Guys in the gym never cease to amaze me. They are very impressed by those bulky bodybuilder guys who lift heavy weights, but have very little tone. I hear it all the time… “that guy can bench 405 for 6 reps”… “that guy has 20 inch arms”… etc. Most of these big guys never get low enough body fat percentages to see any great muscle tone. I keep my body fat levels to 6% year round and don’t get much respect from the guys in the gym, but the girls give me a lot of attention. Honestly, getting big takes very little self discipline. If you progressively lift heavier weights in the 6-12 rep range and eat like a pig you will get big!

Getting Too Big Will Give You a Cheesy Look!

I hate to rip so hard into bodybuilders, but can we retire the Everlast clown pants? Seriously, you have to know what I’m talking about. How about those guys that wear those spandex pants or tank tops that they cut to make smaller? Is there a worse group as far as style goes than bodybuilders? Style is very important to women. If you get too big, then you can’t even wear normal jeans. Big guys also look stupid when they try to dress up. You can never look GQ or hip if you are too big. Don’t get mad at me if you are big, I’m just here to help.

A Simple Plan to Get a Lean “Fight Club Body”.

Hopefully I’ve persuaded a few people to lose the clown pants and come back to a reality where women will talk with you again. It is simple, but not easy to get a Fight Club Body. I would recommend workouts with only 20 minutes of lifting followed by 40-60 minutes of cardio. Makes sure that you start your cardio session with high intensity interval training. If you don’t how to perform cardio in that manner, then enter that term into Google. Low intensity cardio only works to get you down to around 10 to 12 percent body fat, if you want to get really toned then you are going to have to work cardio hard. As far as eating goes, don’t obsess with protein. You don’t need a ton of protein to maintain a lean body. The main thing is to keep your total calories consumed lower than what you burn. I am about 185 pounds and consume about 1500-1800 calories per day spread over 3 meals. Whenever I do the 6 meal approach, I can’t keep the calories low enough to lose body fat. If you can eat 6 smaller meals and keep the calories low, then you can use that approach.

Here’s to Achieving a Fight Club Body!

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