How to Acquire a Fight Club Body Like Brad Pitt

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How to acquire a fight club body like Brad Pitt’s is really not that difficult.

Yes, you may not have the same genetics however, you can get your Best Body. In this article we will discuss his diet and workout routine. When you first look at Brad Pitt what do you see?

Well, here is what you don’t see — you don’t see a steroid pumped up body like many of today’s professional bodybuilders. What you see is more of a lean fitness model body. The type of body you might see on a MMA fighter or Special Forces Soldier.

What I mean by that is that the “Brad Pitt body” does not have huge proportions but rather is muscular… yet defined.

Now before I go any further let me make one point clear — you can develop a fight club body like Brad Pitt without going to the gym. The reason I mention this is because approximately 78% of the population does not have time to go to a health club.

All you will need to do this workout is a set of resistance bands, adjustable dumbbells or an isometric/isotonic exerciser.

The Brad Pitt Workout Schedule

Brad’s workout schedule was as follows:

Monday: Chest Muscles

Tuesday: Back Muscles

Wednesday: Shoulder Muscles

Thursday: Biceps and Tricep Muscles

Friday: One Hour on the Treadmill

Saturday: One Hour on the Treadmill

Sunday: Rest Day

Exercises for a Fight Club Body

Here is an example of the exercises that you can use for your Monday chest workout:

Incline Chest Press: Pre-fatigue the chest with this excellent exercise. In addition, building the upper pectoral muscles will give your chest a fuller and higher appearance.

Bench Press: You want to perform this exercise with a shoulder grip if you are using a barbell. I prefer to use resistance bands because it gives you “dynamic resistance.” Dynamic resistance means that as you begin the exercise the tension or resistance level increases.

Pec Deck/Dumbbell Flyes/Resistance Band Flyes: This exercise will target the outer pectoral muscles. (It is best if you have a set of resistance bands that comes with a door hook this will make all these exercises much easier to perform.)

Push-ups: You will finish up your workout by performing three sets of as many push-ups as you can do. This will finish off the chest muscle and make it “burn.”

Try this “Fight Club Workout” and you will find your chest… within 30 days… easily adding on one extra inch of lean and defined muscle.

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