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In the next decade the emerging energy sources that will power the third industrial revolution will transform the global economy. In doing so they will greatly reduce the carbon emissions that are having disastrous consequences to every economy around the world. The transformation from diesel and gas to all electric automobiles has already taken a giant step toward revolutionizing transportation across the globe.

With the emerging technologies now have the impact of reducing the carbon emissions that are currently the major causes of the devastating effects of Global Warming. What has been recently developed are batteries that are so small, the size of a micro-chip, that have the ability to power automobiles for 1000 miles without being recharged. And, the plus side is that these batteries can be recharged almost indefinitely.

When we think a decade ago when electric cars were being introduced the car batteries were so big, costly and had to be recharged way too often just made them very cost prohibitive to really make an impact on reducing carbon emissions. And, another fact to consider the live span of those batteries made replacement costs too expensive.

Today, there are billions of dollars being invested to ensure that the public will have the availability to realize that there is cost effective reliable transportation. It is these batteries that enable electric autos to have the capability of not only helping reduce carbon emissions but are efficient modes of personal transportation.

What is going to happen within the next decade will not only transform the auto industry but will lessen our dependency on the fossil fuel industry to the point that many companies like Exxon Mobile, Chevron and others will either be forced out of business or adapt to the newer green energy sources that are now readily available. Just think if these big oil conglomerates started to aline themselves with green energy back in 1974 the world would be a little better off than we are today in terms of Global Warming.

The big question is will the transformation of the auto industry and the fossil fuel industry be enough to reverse the devastating consequences of our reluctance and inaction in combating Global Warming? The answer is no. We have to do more to secure the future for humanity.

To reverse the damage that is only escalating the longer we hesitate on infusing all the necessary technologies that combat and eliminate carbon emissions there is one way to ensure that the future will be available for all life on the planet. We have to come up with a viable solution to once and for all secure the ozone so that the planet will stabilize and prevent what surely will be a global catastrophe of biblical proportions if we fail to deliver a chemical compound that will close the gapping holes in our atmosphere caused by our current dependency on fossil fuels.

We have the availability to develop a chemical compound that when released in the Stratosphere will seal the ozone and in the process will stabilize the planets climate. This is not science fiction but could be the scientific breakthrough mankind needs to finally secure the ozone and the reversal of the most destructive environmental crisis of our times..

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