GAGGED While Giving Birth

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A name that will haunt me for a long time to come after reading an article in the local newspaper is that of science fiction author Mr L Ron Hubbard the creator of a controversial organisation called Scientology. Many famous stars are devout dedicated followers and Tom Cruise is the one that comes to mind that impelled me to write this article

Before I go any further passing any judgement on the rules of this establishment. First let me congratulate Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes who are expecting their first baby, which brings me back to Mr L Ron Hubbard and Tom Cruise his apostle.

Many cult rules and regulations will never make sense to the outsider, but this is one outsider trying to come to terms with one of the rules of the Scientology organisation.

And that is to gag the woman in childbirth

Expecting a baby is a happy event, but childbirth comes with pain for the one who is heavily pregnant. Even though this a wonderful time for the future parents it is the woman who gets to suffer. For the partner in crime they stand back and watch while wiping the sweat from the brow of the woman struggling to bring the baby/infant into the world.

Women on the labour bed will never be a pretty sight, most images that the husband/boyfriend sees of there beautiful wives or companions are like that of a drowned rat or a cockroach on its back fighting for survival to get through the agony. Scientology rules state, that mother remains silent through the birth and to decline a dose of comforting medication to ease the pain.

Does this organisation not teach the meaning of the word compassion?

Women are stressed enough when giving birth without being bullied by people who think they know what is best. How could they possibly know?

Doctors have a tough job as it is making sure that there are no complications with the delivery, so should the patient become anxious at any stage then matters can become dangerous, especially if the patient has her sights set on obeying orders from an organisation instead of the medical staff.

In some cases you could be faced with a life and death situation for mother or unborn child where lack of concentration in the right department is ignored.

Be sure to consult a doctor if you have any concerns about your pregnancy not an author. For an example, who do you approach with a toothache, definitely not Joe Bloggs next door?

Childbirth can be dangerous for mothers who may not go the full term; childbirth has been the cause of death in the labour room. Pain comes with child bearing to an extent where choices have to be made where the tears of joy are for the birth of a bouncing baby girl or boy not tears of pain after following orders from dictators. Put the shoe on the other foot.

Why do actors have stunt men? I rest my case.

Scientology says if mother as much as groans it will affect baby’s sanity, a lame excuse for such absurd nonsense, lets not go down the road of sanity.

Listen up guys especially science fiction writers and actors. Stick to what you know and do best. God had his reason for planting the seed into the female species to amass population and bear the pain of childbirth.

Doctors/surgeons whether delivering babies or giving patients a face lift are very intelligent clever and educated people who you may bet were brought into this world by a screaming mother, no one is exempt..

If taking someone’s sanity means more doctors dentists nurses psychologists teachers professors I could go on and on, I say scream the house down

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