Education Needed To Become An Entrepreneur And Change The World

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The World is emerging in a new age, an age where technology has created a hunger for more information and immediate results. Countries and their citizens are racking up more debt than ever before in our history. Ongoing wars and threats of terrorism have reduced our freedom and impacted our economies. “Baby Boomers” are reaching retirement age and our youth are less inspired than our forefathers.

This transformation has begun, but is far from over. There are still people who believe we can “make a difference”, that we can influence people in our communities and around the world and that we can make real contributions to reversing negative trends and implementing positive change. Leaving our problems for others to solve is futile.

As any optimist would say, “there has never been a better time to convert your ambition and passion into dynamic action! Every problem or challenge is actually an opportunity in disguise. There is no such word as failure! Optimism hand in hand with ambition, passion, creativity and perseverance is the foundation for a formidable force.

What group of people, exhibit these characteristics more than any other in our society? Entrepreneurs are the answer and developing and uniting more of them is the key to changing the World!

An entrepreneur by definition is a person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk of a business venture. Life is all about business principles and life is a venture. Whether you are trying to pick up a girl/guy, operate a household or work for a company you need to understand how business works. The people that understand the rules, how the game is played and hone their business skills and resources are the most successful!

Take for example, pretty much any government run entity, such as the government itself or a school division. Are they run like a business? Well, I don’t know too many businesses that can operate from a deficit and can just raise taxes to make up for their deficiencies. The answer should be crystal clear.

Therefore, my extreme proposal to you is that there are 3 types of people:

1. People who work for the government

2. People who are workers

3. Entrepreneurs

Action Plan – Step 1

So now it’s decision time! If you want to be part of the most influential and productive category (number three) and you are willing to do whatever it takes to become successful, congratulations you have passed the first step.

Action Plan – Step 2

What type of entrepreneur are you or would you like to become? I am only going to write about the one I believe can make the most positive change while positioning yourself for achieving your definition of success.

Here are some of the most important values, characteristics and objectives a Type 1 Entrepreneur should establish:

1. Vision/Plan

2. Integrity

3. Flexible Structure

4. Strategy

5. Optimization

6. Efficiency

7. Research and Development

8. Balance

9. Generating legal Entrepreneur Profit

10. Minimizing Risk

11. A mastermind group

12. Financial education, wealth creation and asset protection

13. Sales/Marketing/Customer Service

Action Plan – Step 3

Take a few moments and write down what each of these items means to you and on a scale of 1 to 5 how proficient or knowledgeable you are in each item. Understanding and committing yourself to establishing a rock solid foundation that includes mindset, finance, marketing, creativity and strategic alliances will open the doors to a windfall of opportunities. Once you have become ultra wealthy and highly successful you can begin to influence and change the World and create a lifestyle and legacy that up until now was only a dream.

Action Plan – Step 4

From now on you must look upon the government for two purposes only, preventing anarchy and survival necessities. Everything else is up to you!

So now that we have cut off your lifeline its time to establish a new mindset for success. And those of you still employed by another, it’s time to come to the “dark side”! The side with a limitless amount of time and space, the excitement of the unknown, where only stars shine and super novas are created. And remember, the ambitious, passionate, creative, persistent and continuously optimistic mindset leads to great things.

Action Plan – Step5

We are going to establish a powerhouse for change by developing entrepreneurs one at a time, so prepare yourself by writing down all of your skills, ideas, knowledge and resources. As we continue our journey into the characteristics and mindset of a successful entrepreneur we shall begin unlocking countless opportunities to explore.

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