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Michael Corcoran and Craig Garcia launched EDC Gold in November 2006. Before starting EDC Gold, Michael had established a company named Referral Ware in 2001, while Craig had worked as crest speaker and producer with numerous MLM companies. Both them have around 20 years of consolidated experience in the software as well as MLM industry.

Initially, Craig and Michael started trading in online programs such as in E-books and many other software packages. By doing this, they realized the fact that E-books had actually been the best sellers for them. They earned billions of dollars in this field, due to which their competitors started developing insecurity feeling for them and doubted their innovative techniques and creative ideas used for software programming.

Nevertheless, this does not obstruct EDC Gold’s growing repute. In fact, the founders went ahead, utilized their experience in MLM companies. This company unlike other MLM companies follows a decent method of home based business. If you wish to participate in this business, then you as an Independent consultant have to purchase large quantities of E-books and other software programs, since all these digital products have resale rights. As this company follows MLM principles, it offers adequate opportunities of business for consumers by selling and promoting their business. There is indeed a wide scope of prospectus in doing business with EDC Gold.

Moreover, EDC Gold generously congratulates the top performers in the company of numerous members, because this actually creates a motivation for other members to be the best performers. In addition, EDC Gold follows the binary reimbursement graph.

However, unlike other companies, EDC Gold is filled with positive aspects as compared to the negative qualities. The best part of EDC Gold’s home based business opportunities is that, both the owners equally contribute in helping the members through phone or any other media. In addition, they even talk to respective customers on behalf of the members and sell the products. This feature is available only with EDC Gold. Members can sell these products repeatedly and make money, without even bothering about the inventory of stocks.

Next, considering the cons, members of EDC Gold find it difficult to promote their products in the competitive market, as there are many companies dealing in the same aspects.

Finally, EDC Gold is purely a legitimate company and strives hard to keep up with the expectations of its huge consumer base.

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