Do You Believe in YOU?

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What is belief?
Is it inborn, or something you can develop? Does success foster belief or does belief create success? Do you know it when you see it or feel it?

Were you taught to believe in yourself as a youngster, or did you have the unfortunate experience of not being believed in and taught your true value?

Just like when you can love yourself you become more loveable, when you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too. The transition from employee to business owner can only happen if you believe in yourself, in your dreams and in your vision.

Even transformational entrepreneurs sometimes find the journey challenging. You must be sure your foundation – your core beliefs, in yourself and in your business concept doesn’t wax and wane, come and go.

Getting Grounded
Your feelings may change day to day, but you can’t let that impact your belief. If your belief is solid, like a rock formation in the ocean, everything will be as the water swirling around the rock. The ocean touches the rock, smashes into the rock, runs over the rock in a storm, but the rock stays solid and unmoving. So, too should your belief.

Being grounded in your beliefs doesn’t mean you don’t have things to learn and growth to accomplish. In fact, if you’re strong in your convictions (belief about your abilities and your business concept), you’ll seek out every means to help you on your journey, to learn the skills you need to achieve your goals.

Take the time to write out your strengths. What do you already believe about yourself and know to be true? What are your values, the things that are most important to you personally and in business? What do others value most about you?

Knowing these things and taking time to recognize them is important for your confidence, it’s also good reinforcement when times get tough. Note what you’re grateful for. Don’t hold back. If you are hesitant to say what’s great about you, imagine you’re writing about your best friend, your spouse, your child, someone you value and hold dear. Really take the time to think about and write down your skills and talents and strengths.

Belief can change the world. Your world and the world around you – strong and solid. Beliefs will uplift you and propel you forward, achieving success and doing what is yours to do.

Believe. Prosper. Be richly rewarded.

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