Designer Baby Blankets – Are They Really Worth the Money?

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Designer baby blankets are becoming more popular as gifts for baby showers because they offer something truly special. Let’s face it, some people just aren’t satisfied giving a gift that anyone can pick up at one of the big chain stores. They want to give something unique that shows that they took the time to shop carefully and choose an uncommon item. And sometimes it feels good to give a gift that the recipient knows is higher quality and more expensive.

Designer baby blankets have become especially popular lately because of all the media attention they have received due to the crush of celebrities having babies and being showered with expensive gifts. How often have we seen pictures of Britney Spears shopping for her babies or heard about what brand of clothes Angelina Jolie or Denise Richards buy her children? These celebrities have the power to bring designer brands to the public’s attention while also showcasing the brand’s appeal. Likewise, designer blankets wrapped around Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ baby make perfect advertisements and fuel popular demand.

Designer baby blankets are usually more expensive than blankets one might find at a discount chain store, and this naturally raises the question of value. To put it differently, are they worth the extra money? What exactly are you buying when you choose to buy a Little Giraffe receiving blanket or a Barefoot Dreams crib blanket? For one thing, the materials tend to be higher quality or made of special fibers the manufacturers have developed. Most of the better brands simply feel better to the touch. For another, the workmanship is usually excellent. But above all, you are buying an image. It’s just like buying a BMW. You are saying to the world that you appreciate life’s finer things.

Designer bay blankets come in a variety of fabrics. Some of the most popular materials are cotton, synthetics and wool, especially cashmere. Cotton blankets, like those made by Bella Notte, are perennial favorites. Synthetic chenille is also a very popular choice because of the softness of the nap. Lately microfiber fabrics like Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic have developed a huge following because these fabrics have the softness and delicacy of cashmere but they are durable enough to wash them in the washing machine whenever necessary. Some people will always prefer genuine cashmere, of course, because of its legendary look and feel. Even though cashmere needs special treatment and is more expensive, for some people nothing else will do.

Designer baby blankets come in different designs and styles. Popular styles include square and rectangular shapes, either edged in satin or not. The most popular dimensions are those of receiving blankets, originally designed to bring newborns home in, which normally measure 30-36 inches square. Smaller travel blankets or mini blankets, which are often used for car or stroller trips, are increasingly sought after. These usually measure 12-15 inches square. The full sized crib blanket, also a perennial favorite, is often given to toddlers or older children, and it generally measures about 45-60 inches in length and 35-45 inches in width.

The luxury goods market in the U.S. and around the world, especially in places like China and India, is growing at a much faster rate than the rest of the consumer goods market. No wonder then that the designer clothing and accessories industry is booming. And for consumers who can afford these sweet indulgences, the selection of premium baby blankets is greater than ever. And, as anyone with children knows, nothing feels better than giving your children the very best.

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