Definition and Characteristics of a Business Proposal

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A business proposal is an offer letter which can be categorized as a “Persuasive document.” It has been called or categorized such because the sole aim of preparing and sending an offer letter is to persuade the client to purchase the product or service or accept an offer made by the company. It is not an easy task to write an offer letter and make it persuasive in nature so that a reader may feel motivated to look into the proposal and make a decision to purchase your services or accept your proposal. There are many simple tricks and techniques that you can use for drafting an attractive proposal letter.

On the surface, your objective as a marketer is to provide a solution to a customer’s problems. However, beneath the surface you want that a potential customer should accept your offer and you can earn revenue out of the contract or agreement made. In order to achieve this purpose, a marketer should conduct an extensive research on the target audiences or target customers. This helps you to know and understand your customer better. Once you understand the needs and requirements of your prospective customer, you can accordingly communicate the way your organization can solve these problems or fulfill the needs of the customers.

While writing a business proposal a marketer should keep a few points in his mind. There are a few essential or basic characteristics of an offer letter without which an offer letter is incomplete. You should divide the letter in a few main sub topics for better understanding of a reader. Mention the main idea first in the ‘Executive Summary’ of the letter. You can also mention about the budget of the offer. Do not use the word “budget” and make it appear as an investment rather than simply mentioning about the price. Then you can give your company profile for credibility, past projects, achievements and credentials. After presenting all these things in short, you can present your main contract and end it with a thought provoking conclusion paragraph. Choose the cover letter, layout, heading, font types and other formats, carefully and professionally.

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