CyberWize Business Review – Compensation Truths Exposed

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In the realm of wellness products and network marketing, CyberWize has made a bit of a splash and continues to grow in popularity as the months go by. Known for producing a very large amount of products they also advertise one of the best compensation plans out there.

Should we believe them?

A) The Man Behind The Curtain

CyberWize was founded in 1998 by current President and CEO, Mark T. McCool and continues to base its operations in Sarasota, Florida. They are currently doing business in the US, Canada, the Bahamas and Jamaica, with plans for international expansion.

If CyberWize can expand successfully, this means a potential boat load of money and great long term benefits for any company associates that are making a nice living selling their products. The company also donates a great deal of money to charity every year, something worth noting from a philosophical perspective.

B) CyberWize Compensation Lies

Although many CyberWize business owners attest to the successful compensation plan, there are several aspects you need to know before jumping on board. First, rest assured there are hundreds of products to sell, ranging from dietary supplements to shampoo to body wash to shaving gel.

Take a look at the purchase plans for entrance into the company:

  • IBO (Independent Business Owner) Success Kit – $69.95
  • IBO Solutions Pack $99.95
  • IBO Opportunity Pack, Standard Plan – $369.95
  • Tunguska Blast Pack, Executive Pack – $1,099.95

Without going into the many features of each CyberWize business plan rest assured that it’s only worth your while to purchase the most expensive plan. Here’s why:

  1. The company requires you sign up a minimum of 2 people and create a 600 BV (business volume) before you can earn commissions on your referred consultants
  2. The Tunguska Blast Pack credits you with all of these requirements so you can start earning right away
  3. The other 3, less expensive packs, do not credit you these things and force you to sell a whole lot of product before you can attain any kind of profitable consultant status

However, I do not recommend purchasing the expensive plan or any other plan for that matter as you will find that either your initial, very expensive investment was a waste because you may not know how to market the products effectively or the amount of product you need to sell after purchasing the cheaper plans is rather incredible.

C) The Truth Will Set You Free

With all of the CyberWize promises of unlimited earning potential, a first class compensation plan and a Car Bonus that pays up to $1,200 per month on the car of your choice (if you qualify after massive sales volumes), it’s hard not to think this is a great opportunity.

In my opinion the products are great, but the compensation plan is much to be desired.

Lightning Quick Financial Success

CyberWize provides a very large number of fantastic products for you to sell, but if you don’t know how to market these products effectively you can easily find your self in financial ruin, wishing you had never signed up.

The secret to phenomenal financial success online is mastering effective marketing strategies. A mentor can help you to do this, so always be on the lookout for one.

Once you know how to market effectively and believe in the product you are marketing, you will absolutely succeed!

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