Coping With Breakup – Lucid Dreaming Can Retrieve a Relationship That Has Ended

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While pondering the possibilities of successfully coping with breakup, I immediately began to wonder if lucid dreaming could retrieve a relationship that had ended. You see, she, my ex-girlfriend, had slammed the door in my face and said “You will never darken my door again. We are finished.” It is true that I was somewhat at fault for her explosive response. I had not always been faithful, particularly when I went to professional conventions out of town. I would sometimes drink too much and end up calling her to come pick me up because I knew I had better not try to drive. So after all I had put her through, could lucid dreaming retrieve a relationship with my ex-girlfriend?

Then there were those broken promises and conflicts with her mother. Moreover, I had often fallen asleep immediately after being intimate with her. In the morning I would apologize, but with the caveat that it was unavoidable. What kind of message was I sending her? So it was understandable that she charged me with insensitivity and wallowing in an “I don’t care attitude.” I had to agree. How could I get my sensitivity back? How could I get my ex-girlfriend back? Would lucid dreaming do the trick?

I believed my ex. I had lost my sensitivity, but how did I get it back? I am sure it is not like pumping iron or skipping rope. And I did not want to spend money on a shrink or go through sensitivity training. I began searching for a method of regaining my sensitivity…a method which I alone could control. And then it came to me. I had been reading about the interpretation of dreams. Not the Freudian garbled goop. This was a way of empowering oneself. This was the art of lucid dreaming. This was a way to retrieve my relationship with my ex-girlfriend.

Lucid Dreaming As A Way to Retrieve A Relationship

Here is what you must do. You will learn to control your dreams. You will learn to create your dreams. By doing so, you will draw strength from your dreams. You will recreate yourself via your dreams. You could focus on a tough guy persona, in which case you could become Clint Eastwood or Alec Baldwin, but you don’t want tough guy personae; you want sensitivity personae. You want James McAvoy or Leonardo DiCaprio. So then how do you transform your identity, targeting these models of sensitivity? How do you use this method to get your ex-girlfriend back?

Before you fall asleep meditate on the person that seems most sensitive to you. See this person in many situations. Tell yourself that you are going to dream about this person, that you are going to see them do many interesting things. Now become aware of your left wrist. When you dream you will become aware of your left wrist. And when you become aware of your left wrist while you are dreaming, you will become aware you are dreaming and you can then guide your dream however you want. This is a major step toward getting your ex-girlfriend back.

You can design the dream any way you want. You can go into DiCaprio’s body and become him. Or, you can stand outside and note his every behavior and then imitate that behavior. You can duplicate his emotions and his way of relating to the world and to others. The lucid dream is yours and yours alone. You can create any outcome you want. If you want your ex girlfriend back, knowing that she values sensitivity, you can match what you have become to her desires. This is the way you can get your ex-girlfriend back.

The Method of Lucid Dreaming: Retrieve A Relationship

Now comes the moment of truth. When you awake, you must test your dream work. When you come into the presence of your beloved, just allow yourself to experience what you experienced in your lucid dreaming. You can remain yourself but channel De Caprio’s sensitivity into your mind-body. When your beloved senses your transformation, you will have no problem getting your ex-girlfriend back.

You can strengthen your new found identity just by practicing lucid dreaming frequently. You will eventually find it unnecessary to think of your left wrist as a trigger for going into the lucid dream. You will be able simply to tell yourself upon going to sleep that you will become AWARE that you are dreaming. You can build a highly developed narrative with lucid dreaming. You can explore the terrain and texture of your dreamscape.

You can always test your state by choosing to walk through walls. There are no limits to what you can do as a lucid dreamer. This is true in the dream and it becomes true independently of the dream the more you practice the method. Ultimately you will want to translate your discoveries in the lucid dream into your everyday life. When your beloved experiences what you have become she will return to you. This is the way you can retrieve a relationship.

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