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It was Thursday, December 16, a day prior to the 3 – day long weekend that I decided to catch the movie named ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’.

It boasts of a great production value (Yash Raj films) with a relatively new star-cast of Anushka Sharma (last seen in Badmaash Company) and introducing a new hero Ranveer Singh. This project also marks the debut of its director (Maneesh Sharma). The only established name it has, obviously apart from the Yash Raj Banner, is the music by duo Salim-Sulaiman.

Plot: Two Delhi University students, Bittoo and Shruti, become partners and start a ‘business’ of wedding planner. How they two on their own manage not only to survive but also become successful in their business. Between all this, the relationship they share, misunderstandings and fights creep in and how they manage to solve it or is it remain unsolved?


* Energy – the energy comes across right from the first screen till the last. The movie is as vibrant as a wedding in Delhi.

* Delhi – No, Delhi is not there for Qutab Minar or the Lal Quila, infact, it comes out to be a character of its own. With all the Delhi lingo and the DU and localities mentioned. Delhi, in this film, is shown as in the movies of Dibakar Bannerjee.

* Songs – Salim-Sulaiman are the only established names in the credits of the film and boy, they delivered. Right from the first song ‘Tarkeebein’ to the last song ‘ Dum mast ‘ are a treat. ‘Aiven lut gaya’ need to be singled out for its sheer choreography and madness shown.

* Acting – Each and every actor in the film excelled. More on the individual acting later.


Just 1: Pre – interval scenes become stagnant for a time being but things did turned up for the good.

Now, lets talk about the dialogues. Dialogues are funny, witty and crispy just as a film like this required. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the dialogues are the lifeline of the movie.

Direction: Helmed by a first timer, Maneesh Sharma, shows he is a good story-teller and hope that he would go from strength to strength as he progresses to make more movies.

Acting: Ranbir, Imran, Abhay and Shahid, make way for Raveer Singh. Boy, he is such a livewire in front of the camera, natural to core, stood tall in each and every scene of the movie. I just hope he doesn’t lose his way now.

Anushka Sharma shows that she can lead a movie all by herself. A huge improvement from her previous works, deserves brawny points for that north Indian accent. Goes to show how she prepared for the role in such a detail.

So, if you haven’t watched the movie till now, do yourself a favour and watch this movie.



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