Art of Collaboration – Business Growth Strategy for the Busy Entrepreneur

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This new decade demands that we do business differently. Why? Because as someone once said, “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.” So one way to do business differently is to collaborate. It’s a business growth strategy that works for many so why not you?

Collaboration is relatively simple in its basic form. Why? Because when you check a dictionary, you will find a definition as simply as to “work, one with another.”

In the terms of collaborating for business it’s often, “work with one another to create something together.” That something? That is to be decided by whom ever you want to collaborate with.

See collaboration as levels or a continuum to move through.

There are low level commitments of time and energy in things like – sharing articles for ezines, mutual commenting on blogs, mutual blog posting.

Up from this but with more time and energy, consider “sharing” of radio shows and teleclasses, even cross-promoting for one another.

Another notch beyond this might be – eBook creation.

Then you may find your style and interests lead you to a telesummit or live in-person event.

There are certainly more possibilities.

Collaboration means cleaning up communications.

Collaboration means working toward clearer communication. A great number of collaboration efforts are initiated online. Email is a primary mode of communication but don’t rely it. An email that asks, “Do you get this blog?” might be answered, “No, I don’t get it.” The question may have meant – “Do you understand this blog?” To minimize or avoid misinterpretation communicate clearly, listen and ask questions.

As your collaboration moves forward, use the telephone or Skype for enhanced understanding.

You’ll find more than growth in communications but it certainly leads the way. You must be ready for personal growth on many levels.

You’ll be sharing in the labor. Collaborating to create takes two, and generally slows processes down. It’s called leverage. You combine talents, skills, resources, contact spheres, ideas, you have accountability, and you grow personally.

You know that metaphor about you and a glacier? That your potential is like a glacier, you may only see 10% of it; like a glacier; 90% of it is under the water. Collaborating can bring out the best and the worst of you. It’s almost a guarantee that if you succeed with business growth through collaboration, you’ll experience personal growth on many levels.

Are you ready to collaborate as part of your business strategy? If you:

-Are tired of the same old same old and need more creativity, -Want more excitement, -Need more strategy, less tactics -Need to get gutsier -Need to play a bigger game -Want more fun…

Consider a level of collaboration for your business growth.

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